Just because you read that you shouldn’t do roof repairs, painting, replacement or installation on your own, it doesn’t mean that you should call any roofing contractor that you can find and assume that you have no other homework to do for this project. No, you got it all wrong—you still have some things to research before you do that. It’s a sort of personal assignment before you let the experts take over.

And that’s for your own good actually. We’ve seen many homeowners complained that they are not satisfied with how the project turned out i.e. they complain about glitches and defects in the process. But really, have they asked themselves if they’ve been really hands-on with the roofing project right from the get-go?

As the homeowner, you always have the final say even if you let expert professionals work on your project. With that being said, you also need at least some basic knowledge about it. So, before you call a roofing company, there are some important things that you should note. Read this related article about questions to ask yourself before hiring a contractor for your home improvement projects.

Determine Exactly What Service You’re Hiring Them for

Apparently, one roofing company may be offering a wide range of services while others only provide a limited list. Therefore, it is important that you know exactly what problem you want to resolve. You wouldn’t want to waste time talking with the wrong contractors who don’t provide the set of services that you need.

For example, what if you need someone who can do a major renovation but you realised that the company you’ve found only offer roof installation for new homes? To avoid wasting time, take a careful look at their website and see what services they’re offering.

Your Local Building Codes

Some cities and communities provide a comprehensive list of instructions of what materials should be used in building and renovating residential structures or what colour palette should be used in painting roofs and exteriors. As a homeowner living in that community, you should be aware of these local building codes. It is your own responsibility, though understanding it is also a requisite for contractors.

Another benefit of knowing the local building codes is that you can be as hands-on as possible in the project. For example, you know exactly what type of materials to buy. So, you can feel free to shop around. This way, you can cut back on expenses; unlike if you simply let your contractor do that chore for you. By shopping on your own, you can be surer that the quality of the materials you buy best serves your needs and satisfaction.

State Requirements for Professional Roofing Contractors

That roof repair company you’re looking to hire shouldn’t be the only one who knows the legal requirements of the state for that business to be allowed to operate. Though that is their responsibility, how will you know what licenses and permits you should ask them to show as proof that they are a legit company?

Apparently, you need to know the legal requirements of the state. It is their responsibility as professional contractors, but it is your right as the homeowner to see proofs that they do legal business. In fact, you don’t need to ask them—they will take the initiative to present it to you. Responsible contractors care about the need of their clients to feel secure.

The state may also provide specific laws and regulations regarding insurance. You know for sure that working on roofs is pretty risky. This is why roofing companies are required to provide insurance to their workers. Know what type of insurance the state requires for roofing contractors and ask the company how they are able to comply with this requirement.

Ideal Length of Warranty and What Should Be Covered

For instance, it may take some time before flaws show up after the wrong installation of roof shingles. So, if that ever happens to you, you need a warranty that will compel the roofing company to redo the project without additional costs to you. You might be interested in this too: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/where-we-live/wp/2017/07/10/how-to-find-a-good-deal-on-a-roofer/?utm_term=.700780c64667

Are you a homeowner whose expertise is about roofing-related topics? Why don’t we talk about these interesting topics together? Do share with us what else we need to know before calling a professional roofing contractor. We’d love to know your advice!


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