As a homeowner, it is always difficult to decide which home improvements that you should direct your time and energy to; so that you can create the most impact and improve the value of your home.

This becomes especially important if you are looking to sell or re-mortgage your home. By adding the right home improvements, you can beat the market trend even if properties in your area have devalued.


Anyone coming to visit or view your home will make the first judgement when they approach and survey the outside area of your property.  Whilst you cannot do anything about the street outside, you can make a huge difference by making your area private and fenced up.

  1. Install an Automatic Gate Opener

For a very reasonable outlay, home owner can make a substantial impact by installing an automatic gate opener.  It shields your property, gives privacy and security, and gives the ‘executive feels’ for anyone coming to visit.  Hence, installing an automatic gate opener adds a little bit of exclusivity and will not lose its ability to impress your visitors.

  1. Ensure Sufficient Outdoor Storage Space

Once your guests or property viewers have been impressed by your Automatic Gate Opener, you wouldn’t want to lose the impact. Take a good look around at your outdoor space – do you have toys, tools, refuse bins, or barbecue pits lying around?  External storage comes in many designs and forms i.e. Summer House, Sheds, and Lockers. Find something that works with your space and tidy up that outdoor area. Pull out the weeds, re-grass if necessary, and make that space look inviting.


Once you have your guests looking forward to coming into your property, continue to meet their expectations and work on improving the insides of your home.

Like the garden, take a good look around the insides of your property and consider some options to declutter your place. There are many items of furniture now on the market with dual-purposes offering built-in storage. There are also excellent storage solutions, bookcases, blanket chests, and modular units; all of which can help you to save some space. Be frank and honest and work out where you could fit a storage solution and what you need to be able to put away.  It makes a lot of difference.

  1. Renovate the Kitchen

Although we will all get used to our kitchen, a small investment and a creative mind can improve the value of your home.  Even if you cannot replace the entire kitchen, you can upgrade, remove and change what is currently there.  Some options that you can consider include adding new blinds and tile transfers, putting down some new flooring, painting the cupboards, and putting in some additional storage solutions to create more space.

5. The Bathroom

We often neglect our bathroom. Most visitors though will use it!  Could you refresh the tiling?  Make sure that there is no mould anywhere?  Does it smell fresh and clean?  It is amazing what new blinds, or tiling can do without going to the expense of replacing the entire suite.  Perhaps the installation of a shower over the bath?  It isn’t a difficult job and makes the bathroom more appealing to a wider range.

It is worth taking a look at some home improvement magazines or books and you got to be really honest with yourself about how you can address some of the problematic areas of your home. We hope that the five improvement tips that we have suggested above will help you to make the most impact and increase the valuation of your home!


Melvin is an Entrepreneur, Life Coach, and Chinese Metaphysics Practitioner. He holds an EMBA and he is a passionate and engaging teacher, known for his unique combination of science, research, and spirituality.

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