When winter comes knocking at their doors, people living in countries that experiences winter will flock to the Bahamas where they can get more sun and warmth! Between mid-December to mid-April, this array of subtropical islands become the playground of tourists who crave for some sun-tanning on the beaches, endless shopping, various joyrides, vibrant nightlife, delectable seafood or even just some time for simple procrastination by the serene and pristine water of Atlantis. More than 700 islands and 2400 cays welcome tourists worldwide to explore a bit more in the lands of jaw-dropping coral and ocean trenches.

One of the major attraction in this country is the opportunity to do some duty-free shopping. From fortune-seekers to millionaires, who don’t want to be exempted from taxes while shopping? Not only that, high-end resorts with private beaches along with the rental houses in the Bahamas, are accessible to tourists worldwide.

Here are some of the reasons why one should visit the Bahamas for a beautiful sunny vacation.

Beautiful Places to Visit


The capital of Bahamas, Nassau, is a perfect blend of the old and new. Colourful abodes of Bay Street, numerous shops and restaurants and souvenir shops at Nassau Straw Market, and the white sand beach of Cable Beach; keep tourists busy enough with a variety of activities. Options for spending quality time here in this city are plentiful! One can choose to snorkel in the vivid coral reefs or visit the British Colonial Hotel where two of the James Bond movies were shot. Also, there is the Junkanoo Festival where tourists can witness the parades of indigenous costumed performers.

2. Grand Bahama

The Grand Bahama is the shoppers’ haven! Situated on the northernmost part of the country, Grand Bahama was founded in 1955 mainly as a tourist hub. The regional capital, Port Lucaya, captivates tourists with its grandeur of duty-free shopping centres, gourmet restaurants, casinos, nightclubs and other recreations such as boating, fishing, diving and even golf. If you’re not a fan of large crowds, worry not as places like the Garden of Groves botanical garden, the Rand Nature Centre or the Lucayan National Park will offer you a peaceful setting to relax and unwind.

3. Eleuthera and Pretty Harbour Island

The beaches in this region of the country are way different than the rest as the colour of the sand is pink over here. This is also where the oldest settlements in the Bahamas lie. That’s why the first Bahamian parliament found its place only here in this country. Besides all the popular water rides like diving or snorkelling, tourists can also indulge themselves in a golf game or two. It is no wonder why people often say that they see more golf carts on the streets here than the usual cars!

4. Paradise Island

Paradise Island is famous for its turquoise blue crystal clear water that gets tourists diving and snorkelling here. Besides that, there is the Aquaventure Water Park which is packed with plenty of fun options like high-speed water slides and etc. There’s also the Dolphin Cay where one can get the rare chance of swimming with the dolphins!

5. Exuma

In the eastern side of the Bahamas, the Exuma Cays Land & Sea Park is a “no-take zone” and marine protected area. With its magnificent white seashore and transparent water, the park lures people who got a keen interest in diving, boating, windsurfing or snorkelling. On some of the perfect days in the year, divers and snorkelers often relish 30-meter-plus visibility. For the 007 fans, the Bond-famous Thunderball Cave is situated only in this part of the world.

Ease of Transport

The most popular form of transportation in the Bahamas is the Jitney or the public bus system. The service starts at around 6 am and continues till 7 pm. Do note that this bus service is not available throughout the country except the major cities like Nassau or Grand Bahama or Paradise Island. Hence, taxi services are also very popular in this country. If you have plenty of cash in your wallet, you can get onboard a water-taxi to get closer to the sea.

Wonderful Food

You will find numbers of high-end hotels and restaurants that offer gourmet cuisines of various taste and no one can ignore the option of mouth-watering seafood while being surrounded by water! Savour popular seafood items such as the grilled and fried grouper, conch served in chowder, broiled and steamed lobster while enjoying other popular items such as the johnnycake and the peas n’ rice. Many of the eateries also serve desserts like guava duff and rum cake and when you’re in the Bahamas, you cannot complete the cuisine tour here if you don’t taste the country’s rum!

Last but not the least, Junkanoo

The biggest festival in the Bahamas is the Junkanoo. It was started in the late 18th century and today, it is famous for its jovial dance, energetic music and vibrant costumes. Though the main festival is held between Christmas and New Year’s Day, the summertime sees an extension of it each year.

Is Winter knocking on your door? Don’t fuss and make a trip to the sun-kissed land by the ocean and let us know what more you could get out of Bahamas.


Melvin is an Entrepreneur, Life Coach, and Chinese Metaphysics Practitioner. He holds an EMBA and he is a passionate and engaging teacher, known for his unique combination of science, research, and spirituality.

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