There are different types of florist business. If you are planning to open your own flower shop but you are not sure how to go through with it or where to start, then you must know that there are many types of florist business that you can try. The most common is having your own shop!

Here are the different types of florists in Singapore that you may have encountered.

The Online Florist

Most florists online are either stationed at home or they are just the ones that advertise or manage a website for different local florists who want to have more exposure. This is the most common type of florist that you will find and they are often the ones who are highly sought after by customers because ordering online almost always means there is a delivery and who would not want that kind of convenience?

The Home-based Florist

If you like the idea of working from home, this is probably the easiest type of florist business that you can get into because you do not need a shop space and you can easily convert your home into a shop. Most home-based florists get contacted through the phone or online. They can make their flower arrangement at home and most of them might offer a florist delivery service. While home-based florists are not common, it can save you a lot of money and it could even end up being a family business. The only challenge is where to get your stocks of fresh flowers and how to store them.

The Flower Shop Florist

This is the traditional brick and mortar type of florist who has bought a separate space to set up their shop and they are more often than not the more experienced ones; especially in the handling of the business and managing countless orders at the same time. They are also the ones who may provide same day flower delivery service for their customers. Most of them can be found online as well, especially if they have thought about expanding their reach on their target audience by going online. Not all flower shops have their own website though; only those who are confident enough to handle numerous numbers of orders through their shop and their online store.

You can be either of these, or all of them at once. It just depends on you and how confident and willing you are to work for your flower shop. The easiest would be being online, and the cheapest would be the home based but the one that could reach a huge target audience would be the combination of being online and having your own flower shop by a busy street or inside a mall. Either way, these are different ways that you can explore to start your own flower shop.

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