Dubai Marina is very famous for offering the most relaxing, exclusive and demanding lifestyle in the UAE. 

Located at the heart of Dubai, Dubai Marina is perfect for living and spending time, complemented with an amazing view and fresh air from the sea.

A place for both expats and locals, Dubai Marina offers the perfect night out in terms of location and its variety of restaurants. It is also where you can enjoy the breathtaking view of high-rise buildings, yachts, lights and sea view after sunset.

When you visit in the evening, the cafes and restaurants tend to be full and coupled with the shisha smoke and lighting, it showcases the perfect blend of modern and traditional Dubai.

Dubai Marina

Visit Dubai Marina in the evening and you will realise the beauty and the atmosphere of this place.

Dubai Marina is also good to enjoy during the daytime with plenty of European-styled restaurants, cafes, and boutiques. Just so you know, there are more than 20 average-priced cafes and restaurants that you can enjoy with friends and family. The major attraction for children is the dancing fountain where they will want to match their tiny footsteps with the rhythmic water of the fountain. If you are a fan of water sports, Dubai Marina offers plenty of activities that range from eating to fitness and pleasure.

Easily accessible via the Dubai Metro, Dubai Marina is located near Sheik Zayed Road Interchange 5 and has ample parking spaces available.

The Dubai Marina Walk should also be on your list and it is an experience that you shouldn’t miss. The Dubai Marina Walk, which is in the water centre, adds further beauty to the area. It is the perfect place to enjoy fun activities, high-class shops, and different restaurants that offer seafood, grill, Indian, Japanese and Thai cuisines. You may even want to set aside some time to visit the beauty salons, spa, and coffee shops. What’s more? You can hire a boat at the marina to have some fun with friends and family on the sea.

Here are Some Highlights of the Dubai Marina that You Can Enjoy:


The Marina Mall in Dubai is good for shopping, relaxing and spending time with friends and family, both as a visitor and a resident. The mall has 4 levels with more than 140 shops of brands, supermarket, dining, cinemas, and kids play zone.

Skydive Dubai is very famous around the world and it is where one can enjoy life like a free bird. Here, you will come out of the plane at an altitude of 4000 meters, experience the thrill of free-falling for 1 minute, and then enjoy the breathtaking scenery during the 5-minute descent when the parachute is deployed.

You can have the most amazing dining experience at Dubai Marina Pier 7. The 7 different outlets at Dubai Marina Pier 7 offer a unique culinary experience with a variety of food choices. The 7 outlets are Asia Asia, Fume, O Cacti, The Scene, Cargo, and El Wahab and Atelier M.


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