Buying the right dining table can be tricky.

What is the right type of wood, how much do I pay? What is the color tone I need to get?

These are the common questions that plague any furniture buyer.

In this article, we’ll breakdown the aspects of buying the right dining table.

For many years now, Suar wood has been a popular type of wood used for making furniture because it is strong, has beautiful patterns and is highly customisable.

So why should you go for a suar wood dining table?  

It’s beautiful

Suar wood has natural criss cross patterns and grains that add a natural beautiful pattern to every table. Hence, every individual table has got a different pattern and is unique.

Unlike the factory mass-produced furniture that sometimes looks the same and can be rather dull-looking, the ones that are naturally made are gorgeous and they immediately add a beautiful look and feel to your room.

It’s different

Solid customised wood come in different shapes and sizes and they can be customised to your needs. Unlike the typical rectangle or square-shaped dining tables; customised solid wood dining tables have unique cuts which looks different.

It’s Strong

Suar wood is one of the strongest woods around. Because of their criss cross grains, it’s internally very strong. The custom made wood goes through a ten-step process where:

  • Each log is handpicked

  • Vacuum pressured to prevent insect infestation

  • Dried in the kiln for 60 days

  • The moisture is checked

  • The slabs are handpicked based on how they look and the best wood grains with minimal flaws.

  • The slabs are then stored for acclimatising to Singapore’s weather.

  • The wood slab is levelled

  • It’s smoothed

  • It’s curated and graded

  • A coat of waterproof is applied.

It’s Customisable

From the legs to the shape of the top, everything can be customised. Design houses that sell furniture don’t often have these type of customisations available.

This article is sponsored by Wood Capitol, a furniture maker in Singapore that specialises in solid wood and have Singapore’s largest live edge solid wood slabs.


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