Thanks to the folks from Wearnes, we had the privilege of taking the all-new Renault SCÉNIC out for a weekend spin and we had such an enjoyable adventure that our time with it felt so short!

Renault Scenic Privilege 2018 Test Drive//

Bearing the spirit of exploration amidst a flair for novelty, the All-New Renault SCÉNIC bravely redefines modern journeys and seizes every opportunity to impress. Standing out with its athletic and charismatic exterior styling, while epitomising unrivalled fuel efficiency that champions all in its class, Renault’s latest creation has been engineered to go more than 1300km in just one tank!

Renault Scenic Privilege 2018 Test Drive//

Available in two variants, the All-New Renault SCÉNIC and the All-New Renault SCÉNIC Privilège, each showcases unique design-centric differentiation and trim levels.

Renault Scenic Privilege 2018 Test Drive//

Embodying an athletic architecture with a strikingly tall stance, the All-New Renault SCÉNIC evokes a commanding road presence. A major design shift was marked through the incorporation of unprecedented proportions with wider tracks and a longer wheelbase, on top of a higher driving position and an elevated ground clearance of 182mm. The All-New Renault SCÉNIC also sits on sizable 20-inch rims as a standard fitment in worldwide markets.

Renault Scenic Privilege 2018 Test Drive//

Distinctive visual impressions are also established through the All-New Renault SCÉNIC’s sleek dual-tone livery, which showcases a black contrast roof that extends down the side-wing mirrors for a sportier presence. Broad shoulders and a fluid silhouette are set to turn heads and create an impactful impression at first sight.

Distinctive Lighting Signature

First showcased in Singapore on the striking Renault KADJAR, the All-New Renault SCÉNIC also sports prominent headlights framed by sculpted C-shaped signature LED daytime-running lights, a feature uniquely anchored to Renault’s brand identity, to provide a 3D lighting effect for an intense gaze.

This is combined with permanently-lit 3D-effect rear LED lights that are defined by slender red beams, to further imprint the brand as an architect of cutting-edge design.

Robust Glass Cabin

Take in the full view of adventures and experience a reduction in blind spots, through the extended horizontal visibility achieved from the integration of Triptych windscreen pillars. To add on, the All-New Renault SCÉNIC Privilège’s full glazed panoramic glass moonroof enables all occupants to bask in generous lighting and indulge in astounding all-around sights throughout the expedition.

Unprecedented 20” Rims

Inspired by the R-SPACE concept car, the fitment of unrivalled sporty 20” rims as a standard has to be one of the most groundbreaking features of the All-New Renault SCÉNIC. The specific profile actively contributes to the model’s balanced proportions and delivers enhanced road handling. This positions the car amongst the very best in grip and braking performance, all without detracting from ride comfort. 

Capacitive Multimedia Touchscreen

Having been the first to offer steering wheel-mounted fingertip remote controls, Renault continues to innovate and invites you to step into the world of tablets, with its largest-in-class 8.7” capacitive coloured touchscreen multimedia and navigation system in the Privilège edition. Featuring a revolutionary portrait touchscreen tablet, users benefit from intuitive smartphone technologies, such as click-and-drag movements, in addition to two-finger pinch and zoom abilities for simplified usage.

Renault MULTI-SENSE System

Customise your preferred display interface, cabin ambience lighting and driving modes through the Renault MULTI-SENSE system in the All-New Renault SCÉNIC Privilège. With it, the driver is able to immerse in an augmented driving experience through engaging one of the five driving modes, all of which are designed to cater to one’s favourite driving style.

The All-New Renault SCÉNIC stands out as a segment game-changer with its modular cabin that is uncompromisingly practical yet desirable, satisfying the needs of every active lifestyle.

Featuring first-in-class One-Touch Folding rear seat control, achieve greater ease in folding the rear seats with one touch to create a colossal luggage area and enjoy the flexibility of extending loading space by up to 1.69m in length.

This is the only vehicle in its segment to offer this function which can be activated from two different avenues for optimum convenience. At the touch of a button on the centre console’s 8.7” capacitive touchscreen, or from the controls within the luggage compartment, the second row seats fold flat instantly to provide configurable space that accommodates all adventure necessities.

The All-New Renault SCÉNIC is also the first vehicle in its class to feature a versatile sliding centre armrest designed with an extensive 13-litre storage compartment. Simply press the handle in front of the armrest to shift the position of this smart sliding centre console to achieve your ideal space configuration.

The All-New Renault SCÉNIC’s spacious cabin also features top-in-class stowage space. 13 ingenious storage solutions include four underfloor compartments and other smart storage spaces, created to meet all practical needs.

Four USB ports and two 12-volt sockets provide handy charging points for electronic devices and gadgetry within the cabin, enabling greater convenience on longer journeys.

Remarkable Performance & Safety

As an engine expert and a pioneer of downsized turbocharging in Formula 1, Renault is a leading advocate for smaller-capacity engines that seamlessly blend driving pleasure with efficiency.

This 1.5L turbocharged Euro 6 dCi engine has a clear roadmap – to deliver both punchy performance and economy of use to drivers. It features steel pistons, which optimises motor efficacy by reducing friction, and is paired with an advanced Efficient Dual Clutch (EDC) 7-speed gearbox. This EDC gearbox allows for seamless and amazingly quick gearshifts. In addition, it is calibrated to minimise fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by instantaneously executing suitable gear upshifts for any given speed – all to boast segment-leading fuel efficiency of 4.0L/100km, while delivering an impressive class-leading torque of 260Nm.

The outstanding torque delivers brisk and effective pick-up, while the high rev-range of the engine easily climbs up to 4,000rpm to provide similar levels of performance to that of larger engines.

Fitted with Stop & Start System and Energy Smart Management System, the All-New Renault SCÉNIC’s powerful dCi engine includes a host of technologies (downsizing, friction reduction and latest-generation injection systems) that elevate it to exemplary levels of performance.

A Comprehensive Range of Safety Features

The All-New Renault SCÉNIC guarantees protected journeys with its comprehensive suite of active and passive safety features.

Handsfree Auto-Park Assist

Handsfree Auto-Park Assist in the All-New Renault SCÉNIC Privilège steps in when activated to help the driver identify a parking spot by measuring the available space with its sensors, before taking full control of the steering during parking manoeuvres. This innovative feature manages three different parking modes: parallel, perpendicular and diagonal.

The central display screen shows all of the information relevant to the manoeuvres (graphic representation of the manoeuvre, reversing camera image and sensors) to ensure that the driver remains informed of the surroundings. At all times, the driver maintains control of the braking and acceleration during the manoeuvres.

Blind Spot Monitoring System

Available as a standard feature in the All-New Renault SCÉNIC Privilège, the Blind Spot Monitoring System alerts the driver by way of a visual signal on the side mirrors, should another vehicle be in the driver’s blind spot, ensuring safer overtaking.

Our Personal Opinions & Thoughts

The All-New Renault SCÉNIC is truly a car for the bold and adventurous. Offering a pleasant and comfortable driving experience that is coupled with a sophisticated design, it commands a road presence that is unlike its rivals. Running on a diesel-powered engine, you can be assured of a punchy driving experience that gives you extra mileage and cost savings!



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