Instructors are usually great at teaching us the basics of driving, but there are many things to learn that they won’t outright tell us. Learning to drive might be simple, but actually understanding how your vehicle works and how to make the most of your vehicle is an entirely different thing.

Here is some useful advice to help you drive safely that your instructor probably hasn’t mentioned.

Experience Teaches You Really Well
It’s important to drive fairly often so that you can familiarise yourself with driving. If you haven’t driven much, then you won’t learn about your vehicle and you won’t learn to get comfortable with the act of driving.

Speed Up
Your instructor probably told you to drive slowly and steadily, but this can actually be problematic depending on the road conditions. It’s more important that you stick with the flow of traffic so that you’re neither going too fast or too slow.

Prepare for the Weather
You likely learned to drive in a single weather condition. Perhaps it was sunny during the time you took your lessons and maybe you’re not prepared for slippery or wet roads. Driving in bad conditions comes with experience, but you should still look online or speak to experienced drivers about how to drive safely during every season.

Carry Emergency Kits
Whether it’s extra water during the summer to stay hydrated or putting together a winter survival kit for winter, it’s important to carry emergency supplies in your car because the last thing you want is to be stuck in the middle of nowhere with a dead vehicle and no way to contact your breakdown service.

Infographic by Intelligent Car Leasing


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