Your car needs to be well looked after in order for it to perform optimally.

According to experts, the upkeep of a vehicle monthly can cost up to $100 for the cheapest make and a lot more for an expensive one. If your car is precious to you, you will want to spend that amount and probably a lot more in order to make sure that your vehicle stays as efficient as when you first bought it.

Looking after your car can be costly, but it is more expensive to pay a lump sum of money when it breaks down and stop working altogether after years of neglect.

Here are 6 tips to help you keep your car running properly this year and prevent any unwanted surprises:

1. Replace Worn Tires and Rims

The safety and performance of your car depend on the effectiveness of your tires, and as a result, it is of paramount importance that you put aside some money to replace overused tires and rims. According to a recent study, worn tires could be the cause of about 200 road fatalities every year. Due to wear and tear, most tires start decreasing in quality after they have been used for some time. Look into replacing worn tires and rims this year in order to keep your vehicle running safely.

2. Get the Wheels Aligned

If you align your vehicle’s wheels, you ensure these are set to the optimum position, as outlined by the manufacturer. Having your car’s wheels non-aligned means they will wear out earlier, meaning your safety behind the wheel could also be at risk. If you are a heavy car user or have recently hit a kerb while on the road, this might have caused your wheels to become unaligned and we suggest you book your car in for a check to see if the alignment is correct. This has been proven to prolong the life of your tyres by up to 19,000 kilometres and as well as increase fuel efficiency.

3. Pay Attention to the Intake Valves

If your car has trouble running smoothly, there might be a problem with your intake valves and it could be the result of excessive carbon buildup. This is what usually happens to vehicles when they have been driven for over 80,000 kilometres. Direct injection engine-based cars are specifically at risk of this happening since the fuel in these is not sprayed on the intake valves, thus resulting in the valves not getting the proper clean up they need. If your car keeps stalling or if it is not running smoothly when temperatures are low, this Bavarian BMW repair store will help you get your car back to form.

4. Clean Air Filters Regularly

Cleaning the air filters regularly is less costly than replacing the parts of the engine these protect, and as a result, it is advisable that you do this from time to time in order to elongate the lifespan of your car. Combustion engines require a mixture of fuel and oxygen to run correctly and the air that is used has to be cleaned before this makes its way into the engine. Unless the air is clean, dust and debris will inevitably be caught up in the engine, and this will affect its performance. This is why it is essential to make sure you clean the air filters regularly. Furthermore, it is cheaper to get the air filters cleaned than to replace an engine. Contact a professional mechanic to inspect and clean the air filters.  

5. Have the Exhaust System Inspected

The exhaust is a vital part of the car. It helps filter away gaseous residue from the engine. In order to have your exhaust system running as healthily as possible, you could run some checks yourself that will help you be sure about the state of your exhaust. You could brush off the rust from it and check if it has any small holes, as the presence of these could be dangerous to the running of your car. Small holes allow for external air to penetrate your engine and this could be dangerous in the long term as this air could contain dust and debris.

6. Wash Your Car Regularly

Your car needs to look good for it to be admired and washing your car regularly helps prevent any accumulation of unsightly stains. Waxing your vehicle also keeps it shiny as it creates a protective barrier between the paint and the weather so that your vehicle can endure the harshest conditions without its surface being completely ruined. By maintaining the outward and inward appearance of your car, you indirectly extends its lifespan and increases its resale value.

Keeping your car in good check isn’t cheap but it is worth the investment in the long term as it will extend the lifespan of your car. While your car might not be the latest trendy model in town, it is still a sturdy piece of machinery that aids you in commuting from one point to another, whether it be for work or play.

Got any other tips to keep your car running properly? Share it with us by commenting below!


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