Audio House is the first electronics store in Singapore to challenge the local market with a completely cashless electronics showroom concept and they have been around as a local homegrown electronics chain since 1998.

 Audio House @ Bendemeer Road
Audio House @ Bendemeer Road

I am pretty sure many local Singaporeans will probably remember Audio House @ Liang Court and a Google search will reveal numerous positive and negative reviews about its range of products and service.

While I can’t deny what others might have experienced when they were there (because I wasn’t there to witness their experience); my experience with Audio House was overall a pleasant and positive one.

My key purpose in visiting Audio House was to purchase a Vacuum Cleaner and a Dehumidifier and I have been eyeing on the Karcher Water Filter Vacuum Cleaner with HEPA and the EuropAce 3-in-1 Dehumidifier for some time now.

In case you’re wondering why I have been eyeing on the Karcher Water Filter Vacuum Cleaner with HEPA, here’s a video that demonstrates its features.

Unfortunately, although Audio House does carry EuropAce’s Dehumidifier, they didn’t have the model that I wanted and so I only bought the Karcher Water Filter Vacuum Cleaner and a Toyomi Bread Toaster, all for only $425.

Here’s What I Like About Shopping at Audio House:

  1. 7-day Money-back Guarantee
  2. Promises a Price Match with Any (Local Online & Offline) Competitor’s Price
  3. Offers a SGD$20 Voucher with Every SGD$100 Spent Store-wide
  4. Can See, Feel, and Try the Product
 LG TV Deals @ Audio House
LG TV Deals @ Audio House

Exclusive Hot Stuff

For 10 days from 11 to 20 November 2017, Audio House will be giving out free SGD$100 vouchers to all new members who sign up at These vouchers will be given in SGD$20 denominations and new members can offset each SGD$20 voucher with every SGD$100 spent.

How To Use The Free SGD$100 Voucher to your Advantage?

If you only have got one item that you want to get, use the free SGD$100 Vouchers to get an item that’s below SGD$500. If you have a few big ticket items like a fridge, television, washing machine and kitchen hood, hob or stove; rank them according to their prices and stagger between 2 options where Option A is to get SGD$20 vouchers for every SGD$100 spent which you can only use to offset your next purchase or Option B is to utilise the SGD$20 vouchers and still get a 3% vouchers which you can only use to offset for your next purchase.

At the end of the day, just remember that you are buying one item at a retail price to get the 2nd item at a 20% discount and if the value of your 2nd item is more your 1st item, you get an additional 3% voucher of the balance you pay (after the 20% discount) to offset for your 3rd item.

Let me present you 2 Scenarios…

For example, if you want to get the following household appliances:

  1. Television ($3000)- Option A gives you SGD$600 vouchers
  2. Fridge ($2000)- Option A gives you SGD$400 vouchers
  3. Kitchen Stove Bundle ($2000)- Option A gives you SGD$400 vouchers
  4. Vacuum Cleaner ($800)- Option A gives you SGD$160 vouchers

The total normal retail costs (without any discounts) will be $7800.

Scenario 1

Step 1: Buy the Television (SGD$3000) and Vacuum Cleaner (SGD$800) and go for Option A to get SGD$760 vouchers

Step 2: Then buy the Fridge (SGD$2000) and Kitchen Stove Bundle (SGD$2000) and go for Option B: SGD$2000 + SGD$2000 – SGD$760 vouchers = SGD$3240 and still get SGD$97.20 vouchers (3% of SGD$3240).

The total will be: Step 1 (SGD$3800) + Step 2 (SGD$3240) = SGD$7040 and you still have SGD$97.20 vouchers (for future purchases)

Scenario 2

Step 1: Buy the Fridge (SGD$2000) and Kitchen Stove Bundle (SGD$2000) and go for Option A to get SGD$800 vouchers

Step 2: Then buy the Television (SGD$3000) and Vacuum Cleaner (SGD$800) and go for Option B: SGD$3000 + SGD$800 – SGD$760 (you cannot use all SGD$800 because you can only offset SGD$20 for every SGD$100 purchased) = SGD$3040 and get SGD$91.20 vouchers (3% of SGD$3040).

Total: Step 1 (SGD$4000) + Step 2 (SGD$3040) = SGD$7040 and you still have SGD$91.20 + SGD$40 balance from the SGD$800 vouchers after offsetting SGD$760) for future purchases

Would you rather spend SGD$7040 and have SGD$97.20 vouchers for future uses (Scenario 1) or would you rather spend the same amount (SGD$7040) and have SGD$131.20 for future uses (Scenario 2)?

That’s not all!

The icing on the cake is when you charge your purchases to a credit card that offers you a cashback (just so you know, some credit cards offer up to 1.5% cashback)!

 Bosch Kitchen Deals @ Audio House
Bosch Kitchen Deals @ Audio House

5 Tips For New Homeowners To Get The Most Value

To get the most value out of your hard-earned dollar; here are 5 tips I have for new homeowners who are going to purchase their household appliances:

  1. Sign up for a Credit Card that offers Cashback and sign up to be an Audio House Member if you haven’t
  2. Create a list of all the consumer and household electronics / appliances that you need to purchase
  3. Sign in to Audio House to get the member’s price for the things you want to purchase
  4. Compare and contrast the prices for a particular product you want with other retailers
  5. If what you want is available at Audio House, get it and if it is more expensive, go to Audio House anyway and show them a photo proof because they will match their competitors’ price to your advantage 

We certainly hope that this post has been helpful and if you have any questions, feel free to comment below. To become an Audio House member, click here.

Audio House @ Bendemeer Road

72 Bendeemer Road, Luzerne Building, #01-20/21/22, Singapore 339941

Operating Hours: 1230pm to 9pm daily

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