Pizza is loved all around the world. The simple Italian dish of tomato sauce and various toppings served on round dough is a staple of human cuisine. It’s associated with good times as we share it with our friends at a get-together, kids have it for their birthday and it’s an ideal dish when we want something quick yet filling when having a fun day with those close to us. There are countless types, variants, and topping options, which is one of the strengths of this dish. One of the most popular flavours of pizza is Margherita.

Margherita pizza is a Neapolitan pizza traditionally made with San Marzano tomatoes, mozzarella, fresh basil, salt and extra-virgin olive oil. Its crust is what separates it from other types of pizza, as it should be thin at the base and puffed up at the sides. It is not just a staple of Italian cuisine because of its ingredients or the place it was invented, it’s also because it reflects the green, white and red of the Italian flag.

Margherita pizza is the most famous pizza in Italy and has a long and interesting history that dates back to the 19th century. It was thought to be named after the queen of Italy at its creation. The story goes that The King and Queen were visiting southern Italy in 1889 and was growing tired of French food that was usually given to royals and instead wanted something Italian. The Queen summoned the top chef of Naples and had him make her some pizzas. She passed on garlic and anchovies pizzas but loved the one with tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil. The chef would name this pizza Margherita, the name of the Queen and was sent a thank you note from her.

This has long been the story but doubts have risen. Its colours and the fact that it represents the union between north and south Italy can come across as convenient, and the thank you note, which exists to this day, mention the Queen giving her approval for a store, rather than the pizzeria. The royal seal may also be incorrect. True or not, it’s a fascinating story that captures the magic and imagination that this dish brings.

While its components are set and its home being Italy, Margherita pizza has become a dish made and enjoyed throughout the world. Anywhere you will be able to find the necessary ingredients and numerous recipes, while countless places sell it. In Singapore alone, there are many pizzerias to choose which you can visit with friends at any day of the week. You’re also lucky enough to have some of these establishments deliver directly to your home with Deliveroo.

A perfect Margarita pizza is never far away. You can revel in this Italian dish at any time with loved ones, coworkers or alone, as you enjoy a meal (maybe) fit for a queen.


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