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International travel can be a real adventure, but it takes a whole lot more planning and packing than a national trip. The main difference is that you require your passport for international travel, but it doesn’t stop there. Visas, insurance, and even vaccinations can all be necessary, and if you haven’t got them with you, you’re in for a rough time. Being fully prepared for international travel is essential, as there are far more things which can go unexpectedly wrong.

Passport and Visas

Obviously, you’re going to need your passport to cross international borders, but that’s not all you’re going to need on the legal side of things. Some countries also require visas or visa waivers in order to be allowed to cross the border. For example, those visiting the United States will require an ESTA, on which you can find more information here. There are even visa waivers which are being introduced for travelling through European countries. Before you travel, be sure to check out the visa regulations that your nationality faces in your destination country, as they tend to differ for different nationalities. Your international driving license is also essential if you will want to hire a car at your destination.

Travel Insurance Details

Travelling internationally without insurance is not a wise move. If your trip is cancelled, flights are seriously delayed, or you become ill or injured, it’s good to know that you have a security net of insurance to get you through the potentially high costs you could incur. When you travel, be sure to pack the details of your insurance, including what is and isn’t covered, and a contact number, including country code, should you need any help while you’re abroad.

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There is nothing quite like long-haul flights to test someone’s character, especially if you face any delays in the airport on top of this. For this reason, entertainment isn’t just a luxury; it’s an essential. Books or a Kindle are a must, but a tablet or phone on which you can catch up with your favourite televisions series, watch films, or play games will really help to pass the time. The beauty of modern travel is that we can fit all of our entertainment into the palms of our hands, making travelling light easy.


Some travel essentials include any medication you might need to take, including antimalarial tablets – you definitely don’t want to forget those. A small first aid kit, including bite and sting relief, will also come in handy. A plug adaptor is one of those things that’s easy to forget, but absolutely essential, so make sure that goes on your list. Suncream and aftersun are musts, and over the counter pain relief such as paracetamol never goes amiss either. Climate appropriate clothing is really important, so make sure you do your research before you go. Top tip: even if you’re going somewhere hot, take a light jacket, as the drop in temperature in the evenings might catch you out.

International travel is a fantastic adventure, but when you’ve got everything totally prepared, it’s far more likely to run smoothly.


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