Every day, we are bombarded by toothpaste advertisements from so many different toothpaste brands that the only thing that we look out for when we buy toothpaste is the price.
As a consumer, I am quite ashamed to say that I have never done enough research on the toothpaste brands that I use. Whether it is Sensodyne, Colgate, or even Darlie; it is a pity that I have never given much thought about the claims they make on their box packaging because what I am more concerned about is usually the price and the value proposition that the brands put forth i.e. buy one get one free and 10% discount.

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In case anyone is mistaken, Sensodyne in Singapore isn’t cheap but I will usually go to Batam to get them. As for Colgate or Darlie, I will buy whichever has an ongoing promotion at our local supermarket.

But, what about other toothpaste brands like Systema or even Pearlie White?

To be honest, I have never given any other toothpaste brands much thought probably because there are so many toothpaste brands fighting for my attention and I would usually get toothpastes that are cheap and conveniently available.

Recently, my interest in Pearlie White toothpaste has increased and it is only because I found out that it is the only home grown Singapore oral care brand and also the only brand that continues to operate oral care manufacturing facilities in the country.

Seriously, who would have thought a small little country like Singapore would have her own oral care brand?

Furthermore, I always had the impression that Pearlie White is an angmoh [western] brand but the truth is certainly far from that.

The owners of Pearlie White pride themselves on their strong family heritage dating back to 1869 with the first practitioner of dentistry in Malaya, Dr. Cheong Chun Tin, practicing in Singapore after obtaining his dentistry qualifications from San Francisco, and today, his family continues the tradition of developing innovative oral care products.

Fun Fact
There is a road in Singapore, Chun Tin Road that is named after Dr. Cheong Chun Tin

Well, curiosity killed the cat but the satisfaction brought it back.

I recently tried Pearlie White’s The Real Red toothpaste and it is the brand’s most affordable variant at SGD$3.95 [for a 138g tube]. With a simple but attractive design, the packaging also proudly and suitably bears the lion head symbol.

Proudly Made in Singapore entirely and exclusively manufactured in Singapore at Pearlie White’s GMP (ISO22716) certified facility in Ang Mo Kio, the anti-cavity fluoride toothpaste contains no harsh chemical ingredients like sodium lauryl sulphate, saccharin, parabens, triclosan or artificial colouring.

It is just a straight up, cavity-fighting honest toothpaste. If you do your own research after reading this blog post, you will soon realise that some toothpastes can actually be quite harmful due to certain chemical ingredients and personally, I was really surprised that the toothpaste I am currently using contains some of these ingredients!

With a guiding motto to be a brand that is ‘made in Singapore, for Singapore, by Singapore’, a brand that Singaporeans can trust; Pearlie White has certainly changed my perception and has even taught me a thing or two about the kind of toothpastes that I should look out for.

The Real Red toothpaste is now available at all major department stores, personal care stores, pharmacies, supermarkets and even on Pearlie White’s website. What’s more, if you order more than SGD$10 worth of oral care products, Pearlie White will have them delivered to your place free of charge!

In celebration of SG50, Pearlie White is also offering a 50% discount for all of their oral care products; just make sure you remember to use the discount code: REALSMILES50 when you check out the items. Do note that this promotion is only valid until 31 August 2015 so do hurry if you do not want to miss out on this great offer!

Image Credits to Pearlie White

Once my existing stock of toothpastes runs out, I will definitely be making the switch to Pearlie White.

What about you?


Melvin is an Entrepreneur, Life Coach, and Chinese Metaphysics Practitioner. He holds an EMBA and he is a passionate and engaging teacher, known for his unique combination of science, research, and spirituality.

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