“It is very easy to put on weight but very difficult to lose weight.”

This is a very common statement that I often hear from many people who desire to lose weight and that includes myself. Having tried all sorts of ways and methods to shed some weight, I have finally found the real solution to losing weight and that is, proper nutrition and proper exercise.

I am very convinced that proper nutrition and proper exercise is the only real solution to losing and maintaining weight.

Why is that so?

A few weeks ago, Jacqueline brought my attention to DanielFoodDiary and Daniel shared his personal experience with Natroslim’s 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse; an all-natural, comprehensive detox programme that is based on the naturopathic principals of ‘Weed, Seed & Feed’.

Having known Daniel to be a very reputable and credible social media personality in the social media space, I decided to take on the challenge and try out Natroslim’s 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse.

Before I began Natroslim’s 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse, I had to do some physical and mental preparations. I went to the supermarket to stock up on healthy foods and ingredients like raspberries, spinach, salmon fish, and etc. and I chose a suitable date to start the detox programme.

Choosing a suitable date to start the detox programme is extremely important because you won’t want to ruin the plan and get tempted by foods which you can’t consume while your body is undergoing detoxification.

As mentioned, Natroslim’s 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse is divided into three different phases per week for 3 weeks. In each phase, there are certain foods that an individual cannot consume and every phase is progressive in the sense that the individual will gradually be able to consume more varieties of food as the week goes by.

My Thoughts & Views After Completing Natroslim’s 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse

Having completed Natroslim’s 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse, I will definitely recommend the detox programme to those who are determined to lead a healthy lifestyle and shed some weight. Also, Natroslim’s 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse is only effective if you follow strictly to the guidelines and be really disciplined in creating good habits.

In case you are wondering, proper exercise is highly encouraged during the detox programme and if you ever come across products that says that you can lose weight by eating their supplements without doing any workout, it is purely a marketing gimmick.

Before I started the detox programme, I weighed 76.7KG and now, I weigh 72.6KG. A 4KG loss in 21 days is truly a testament to the effectiveness of Natroslim’s 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse and having completed this detox programme, I have made huge adjustments to my lifestyle!

A Photo of Me Taken By Jacqueline Before I Began Natroslim’s 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse

A Photo of Me Taken By Jacqueline After I Completed Natroslim’s 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse

This huge adjustment to my lifestyle has completely made me re-think and re-look at my food choices and I am happy to say, I am finally off the hook from the addiction of consuming white rice and refined sugar. In fact, I now go for full-grains and wheat-free products, and I consume more fruits, vegetables, and meat as opposed to having a carbohydrate-rich meal. Also, I jog at least two to three times a week to keep myself both physically and mentally active. Even if I have to go for food tastings and attend events, I am very selective about the food that I consume.

Just so you know, each box of Natroslim’s 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse contains 2 formulas, the AM CLEANSE and the PM CLEANSE.

The AM CLEANSE contains 84 vegetarian capsules per bottle and the PM CLEANSE contains 21 powder sachets.

Inside each box, there will also be an accompanying guide book, the 21 Day Health Transformation Program that contains comprehensive and useful tips on meals preparation and exercises to give you the necessary support through the journey of your 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse.

Natroslim’s 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse is available at both Watson’s and Guardian and it cost SGD$129 per box. There may be occasional offers and promotions so do check out the stores for more details.

For more information about Natroslim, you might want to like Natroslim Official Facebook Page and check out Natroslim Official Website!

Lastly, a parting word of advise:


Melvin is an Entrepreneur, Life Coach, and Chinese Metaphysics Practitioner. He holds an EMBA and he is a passionate and engaging teacher, known for his unique combination of science, research, and spirituality.

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  1. Hey just saw this. I am glad it worked for you. After the 21 days, strangely I enjoyed salads a lot more than usual haha. But must incorporate exercising, which I should go back to. To better health!

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