Cordless vacuum cleaners have been around for quite a while now but many of them lack suction power and have a rather short battery life. However, cordless vacuum cleaners are highly portable and have an unlimited area of operation; just as long as there is a power socket available for charging.
Thanks to the kind sponsorship by Bosch Home Appliances, we were given a set of the new Bosch Athlet Cordless Vacuum Cleaner and it was a breeze to use. With a cleaning power of a 2,400 watt cylinder vacuum cleaner and a lasting performance of up to 60 minutes, there is everything to like about the Bosch Athlet Cordless Vacuum Cleaner.

The Bosch Athlet is the first cordless handstick vacuum cleaner to boast the proven SensorBagless Technology, a well-known feature on Bosch’s corded bagless vacuum cleaners. The Sensor Control performance monitoring function significantly reduces the level of maintenance required and it ensures maximum dust pick-up. When the filter cartridge requires cleaning, the automated sensors will light up.

One really awesome point to note about the Bosch Athlet is that it is extremely cost-saving. The efficient separator system is equipped with a powerful centrifugal force of air, which separates the dust, even before it hits the filter. The majority of the dust ends up in the dirt container and not in the filter, keeping the required maintenance to a minimum. There is no subsequent cost because the innovative lifetime filters from Bosch are washable and do not need to be replaced.

The dirt container is also very easy to remove and empty, even when full. This means that the Bosch Athlet delivers a thorough cleaning performance without any additional cost for bags and filter for the entire lifetime of the appliance.

Powered on Bosch Lithium-Ion Technology, the Bosch Athlet can vacuum up to 60 minutes on a full charge and it charges up to 75% in just three and a half hours. A three-stage, electronic protection system reliably prevents overcharging, overheating, and deep discharge.

Three level settings allow for different cleaning requirements; Level 1 for simple cleaning tasks at maximum run time, Level 2 for normal cleaning tasks at medium run time and Turbo Level for difficult cleaning tasks at short run time.

At approximately three kilograms, the Bosch Athlet is lightweight, and with its low centre of gravity and balanced ergonomics, it handles comfortably and can be used on all floor types. Yes all floor types! We used the Bosch Athlet to vacuum our tiles, marble floor, and even the carpet, and it works perfectly.

Our furkid is changing his puppy fur to an adult fur and as a result, he tends to drop a lot of fur on the marble floor and it can be quite difficult to spot the fur on the floor as they are of the same colour. However, we are pretty convinced that the Bosch Athlet is doing its job very well because when we are about to empty the dust container, we could see the fur being gathered into a neat and tidy ball.

Without a cord dragging behind it, the cordless Athlet can be used just about anywhere and stored away neatly in an instant. We highly recommend the Bosch Athlet for all your vacuuming needs because it does not compromise on performance with its strong suction power and lasting battery capability.

We have also used the Bosch Athlet to vacuum the dust, sand, leaves and hairs found in my car and it was slightly efficient in doing so. In fact, we have every intention to purchase the Accessory Kit which extends the versatility of this cordless wonder but we were informed that the Accessory Kit is not available for retail and it is a real pity because an extra-large upholstery nozzle would have enabled us to clean the furniture in a shorter time; while an extra-long crevice nozzle would have helped us to clean spots which are difficult to reach i.e. car interior.

With that being said, the Bosch Athlet Accessory Kit is given away complimentary when customers purchase the white model and it is only valid for purchases made before 31 December 2014. As for us, I guess we can only get the Bosch Athlet Accessory Kit from the Amazon Store.

Watch how the Bosch Athlet performs when it is put to the test at the Bosch lab.

The Bosch Athlet is currently available at all leading departmental and electrical stores island-wide for SGD$649. For more information about the Bosch Athlet, do check out Bosch Home Appliances Official Website.


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