Ever wonder what it’s like to be a professional gamer?
Well, local gamers had a glimpse of the exciting lives of professional gamers when they had the opportunity to interact with one of the world’s best and most recognised eSports team, Fnatic and watched Jonatan ‘Devilwalk’ Lundberg and Patrik ‘cArn’ Sättermon in action at the Micro-Star International Co. Ltd [MSI for short] Beat IT Pro-Gamer’s Gathering held at E2Max @ Cine yesterday.

MSI Beat IT Pro-Gamers’ Gathering is organised to offer budding local gamers an experience to learn about professional gaming and to hone their skills against the experts. Team Fnatic and MSI have been partners since 2009, and MSI, with the input from Fnatic´s professional players, have created some of the most exciting gaming notebooks and hardware components.

In a country where video games are a sizeable part of entertainment and relaxation, it is no surprise that the number of Singaporean pro-gamers has grown. In fact, our pro-gamers are beginning to clinch top prizes in gaming competitions around the world and they are earning a living out of their passion for gaming.

Can anyone be a professional gamer and is talent an integral component of how successful a gamer can be?

During the question and answer session with members of the media, Jonatan and Patrik agreed that anyone can be a professional gamer and talent in gaming is not a core ingredient to becoming a successful gamer. In fact, they said that it is due to their commitment and hard work in gaming that they have been able to become one of the best professional gamers in their field. In short, there is no shortcut to success and turning pro requires passion and at times, sacrifices. Jonatan and Patrik also encourage gamers to become better by interacting and surrounding themselves with other professional gamers who are better than them so that they can learn from them. Interacting with other professional gamers would also prevent pro-gamers-to-be from being stuck in a stagnancy crisis where they find no purpose and no personal growth and development in gaming.

Gamers at the event were also elated at the opportunity to try their hand at three different gaming features at the Live Demo area and the chance to win attractive prizes. Of course, this is nothing compared to the exclusive opportunity to play a game or two with ‘Devilwalk’, ‘cArn’ and other local professional gamers in a bracket-system tournament.

Personally, I remember myself frequenting LAN Gaming Shops in the early 2000s and back then, Counter-Strike, Half-Life, and Team Fortress were like the most popular games. Time may not be on my side to do some serious PC gaming but under the influence of my kids, I have started to try my hands on some games like Brave Frontier and League of Legends.

So are you ready to game on?

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