Editor’s Update [as of 2 April 2015]:
Anjalichocolat Artisan Chocolatier has shifted to 73 Loewen Road, #01-15 & #01-16, Singapore 248843.

Despite the distance that we have to travel to get there, PasarBella is no stranger to us as we have been there so many times for the fresh seafood and fine wines. This time round, we chanced upon Anjalichocolat Artisan Chocolatier at PasarBella and we can’t wait to share about this awesome find that will delight all chocolate connoisseurs!

We had a casual meet up with Anjali, the owner of Anjalichocolat, and we were treated to an indulgent chocolate and wine pairing session. When chatting with Anjali, we found out that she left her illustrious career in the banking sector to pursue her passion in chocolates and since then, she has been in the kitchen experimenting with chocolates. We even discovered that Anjali has successfully incorporated blue cheese into chocolate truffles!

Our Personal Opinion/Review of Anjalichocolat

Anjali handmade every single piece of chocolate and they are a real treat. The ingredients used in making the chocolate come from Belgium and there are absolutely no preservatives or additives added. The luscious chocolate melts in the mouth and the assortment of flavours that are available will tickle the tongue. Our personal favourite is the Salted Caramel Bonbons and it is so rich and very satisfying that one serving isn’t enough!

Though the chocolates from Anjalichocolat are premium-priced, it is definitely more value-for-money as compared to chocolates from Godiva and the like. When we brought home some Toasted Almond Rochers which cost only SGD$18 a pack, our family members absolutely loved it and they finished the entire pack within minutes.

Anjali is also able to handmade and customise chocolates for corporate gifting. If you are looking for a suitable gift for your clients, you might want to consider giving chocolates as it is a natural stress-reliever that makes people happy.

For more information about Anjalichocolat and their latest products, do check out Anjalichocolat Facebook Page!

Lastly, here are some tips which we picked up from Anjali herself. Buy chocolates to eat, not to keep. If you want to keep and store chocolates, the wine chiller is the best place for it but do note that it can only keep up to a maximum of 2 weeks. Should you have the desire to indulge in a little pampering treat, you can pair the chocolates with some sweet wine like the Italian Moscato D’Asti and we guarantee that you will have a bubbly chocolatey time!


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