Online shopping is one of our favourite pastimes and it can be quite addictive and costly. Sometimes, it can also be very frustrating because of shipping and refund issues that arises due to damaged goods. Thankfully, the usual online shopping websites that we frequent have not given us any worries and frustrations.
Recently, we decided to go on an online shopping spree again because we wanted to purchase an action camera and a car camcorder for our own personal usage.

Action Camera

For a really long time now, both Jacqueline and I have been thinking about buying an action camera so that we can start Vlogging but we have always been put off by the extremely steep price of the ever-popular Gopro Hero3+ action camera. After much research by Jacqueline, we decided that the SJ-4000 action camera was going to be our best bet.

Almost everyone who sees this action camera mistakes it for the world-famous GoPro Hero3+ and it is not surprising as this gadget does not have a proper brand name, being known only by its model number, SJ-4000.

We bought it from Lazada Singapore for the price of SGD$125 and it comes with many accessories such as a waterproof casing, bicycle mount stand, two base plates, a tripod-mount clip, fixed base, three attachment arms, two helmet adhesive mounts, Velcro tighteners and even a wire rope.

SJ4000 Underwater Shots and Time-Lapse [Panglao Island] by Artworks of Scanhead [Watch it in 1080 HD]

The video quality is decent but the auto exposure is not fast enough. Some of the videos have a bluish tint in bright sunlight and were too orange under artificial lighting. However, these minor issues could be corrected with a video-editing software.

Even though the SJ-4000 action camera does not have the best video quality, its price and the impressive number of accessories makes it the best value-for-money action camera.

Car Camcorder

Both Jacqueline and I travel a lot in our car for events and we have encountered all sorts of road-users whom don’t have any regard for safety. As such, we decided that it is important to protect ourselves in the event of an unforeseen circumstance by installing a car camcorder. There are a couple of Car Camcorders that are available in the market and having heard so much positive reviews about the SAFEVue F178 Full HD Car Camera, we decided to purchase it from Lazada Singapore for only SGD$66!

SAFEVue F178 Full HD Car Camera has a super wide angle of 170°and has a motion detection feature that starts recording automatically when car movement is captured and a G-Sensor that locks all important file automatically. Furthermore, the video quality in low light conditions are also crisp and clear!

Our online shopping experience with Lazada Singapore was a very pleasant one. Since Lazada Singapore is Singapore’s latest online shopping site, we decided to try shopping there and see what they have to offer.

Singapore Road At Night by Xavier Xue [Watch it in 1080 HD]

Our Personal Review of Lazada Singapore

The first positive impression that we had of the site was its really neat and tidy layout. The highly-organised website layout makes the web-browsing experience very user-friendly and it was easy searching for what we needed.

The website also has a lot of enticing deals that really tempted us and the best part is, Lazada Singapore offers free shipping for orders that are above SGD$40.

As long as your orders are below SGD$500, Cash On Delivery payment method is also available island-wide for certain items. However, do note that Lazada Singapore do not accept cheques or card on delivery.

For your convenience, Lazada Singapore also have apps available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store where you can shop anytime, anywhere!

If your fingers are itching to do some online shopping, you might want to consider shopping at Lazada Singapore for some of the hottest deals in Singapore!

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