Both Jacqueline and I have been patiently waiting for our new Build-to-order [BTO] flat to be ready and during the long wait, we went to look around for interior designers [ID] whom could sway us with their creative juices. Alas, we shortlisted a few ID and were presented with a pretty convincing design layout.

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& what’s next?

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Well, in our quest to create the most comfortable hotel-like home with an Italian-inspired open kitchen, we totally forgotten the fact that we needed home furniture and home appliances to complete the whole picture.

That is probably the biggest problem that we have to tackle with.

With so many furniture companies in Singapore, the question is, “How do we exactly find the right piece of furniture that will suit our taste and the ID’s design?” Furthermore, coupled with the expensive renovation costs, having a dream home can cost quite a bomb!

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It is a big frustration to strike a fine balance between renovation costs and the cost of home furniture and home appliances. On one hand, we want our home to be stylish, modern, and contemporary but on the other hand, we want our home to be functional and well-equipped too!

So how on earth can we achieve a harmony between the two?

It is either we cut the budget for the renovation and add more budget for the furnishings or cut the budget for the furnishings and add more budget for the renovation.

Can we have the best of both worlds?

Yes, if we have a bottomless pit of money or yes, if we have the resource that helps us make informed furniture purchasing decisions.

Recently, we chanced upon a Singapore Furniture Resources Site and it provided us with some really timely information that helped us to source for high quality, stylish, and affordable home furniture.

There are also guides that discuss the different types of furniture, and in which stores you would be able to find these items.

Image Source: FurnitureSingapore.Net

One thing we really love about the site is that there is a section that is dedicated to Home Décor and Furniture Blogs and it was where it brought our attention to Diva’s Home Interior & Renovation Blog; a blog which we found extremely useful with some articles about the Hidden Cost in Renovation Quotes, HDB Defects Checklist, and even a Home Renovation Checklist!

Image Source: FurnitureSingapore.Net

We have to admit though; the resource site doesn’t look that fanciful but the amount of information that it contains can be quite helpful if you are not sure how and where to start looking for suitable furniture for your home or even office space!

In time to come, we will be sharing more updates about the progress of our home renovation so do stay tuned to us!


Melvin is an Entrepreneur, Life Coach, and Chinese Metaphysics Practitioner. He holds an EMBA and he is a passionate and engaging teacher, known for his unique combination of science, research, and spirituality.


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