We were recently invited to an afternoon tea-party with George Young and we had a blast learning how to create some refreshing and fruity cocktails using Lipton’s signature Yellow Label Tea and Pyramid Tea range!

With a heritage that dates back more than 100 years, Lipton today offers an array of tea-based drinks, from leaf tea to tea bags. The classic Lipton Yellow Label Tea, made of the finest blends from Ceylon and Kenya, is synonymous for that unique consistent tea taste and signature aroma.

Although proud of their rich heritage, Lipton is certainly not afraid to innovate. Lipton’s experts broke teabag tradition to come up with the Lipton Pyramid tea bag which allows tea leaves more room to move and infuse for a better brew.

Each pyramid tea bag contains whole tea leaves handpicked from the top two leaves, and a bud of the tea plant, flowers, herbs or real fruit pieces, and blended to ensure the delicate balance of tea and flavour. The pyramid- shaped tea bag allows optimum room for infusion, liberating the best aroma, colour, and taste for the tea drinker.

The Lipton Yellow Label range and Lipton Pyramid Tea range are available at all major supermarkets and are priced from SGD$5.85/per box of 100 tea bags and SGD$4.95/per box of 20 tea bags respectively.

Are you ready for some kitchen experiment?

The recipes that were specially created give a new twist to tea drinking by turning hot tea into exciting and uplifting cold beverages for any day and any occasion, and we ourselves are inspired to prepare some of these delightful beverages when hosting our guests in future.

Of the 16 recipes, George Young’s signature creations include the sweet and irresistible Maple Twist, the refreshingly delicious Mo-Tea-To, and the tropical Fruitea Red Crush that is perfect for Singapore’s weather.

Well, we are going to share with you the 3 recipes of George Young’s signature creations and if you would like to check out the recipes for all 16 cocktails and mocktails, do check out Lipton Facebook Page!

Maple Twist


Fruitea Red Crush

The process in creating these drinks was an interesting one for avid tea drinker George Young, who had no prior experience as a mixologist. Together with The Cufflink Club, Young created his three signature drinks over a period of two months and we really love the addictive concoctions!

Who says tea has to be boring? Start experimenting with some Lipton tea now!


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