With millions of apps and billions of downloads, there are a few that really standout. This handful of out-of-the-ordinary apps is unique and entertaining. They can turn you into a rapper, help you search for ghosts, and allow you to analyze your dreams. You can also turn your hair purple hair or your life into a collage!
One – AutoRap App

AutoRap transforms your voice into rap. The length and essence of your song are up to you. The sounds that AutoRap creates are repeated back to you in a completely unique way. The pattern on the screen changes along with the sounds that are produced and the cool rhythms. The beat is synchronized with the sound of your voice. You can save the songs, change the background beat, and share your tunes with friends. Additionally, a free app version can be upgraded and enhanced.

Two – iDreamDictionary App

This interesting app helps you interpret the symbols in your dreams, by allowing you to record the dream, find patterns and decipher meaning. Using the free iDreamDictionary helps you decide if the dream is significant and to better understand what your ‘night visions’ may be telling you. Learn about dream meanings, how they’re affecting your life and what the messages may be. Write down you dream and the app will highlight important symbols, thereby providing insights into your dreams.

Three – Hair Color Booth App

Bluebear Technologies Ltd. has produced an app that allows you to try out new hair color, or combine hair tones. The same group that created ‘Graffiti Me!’ and ‘Sketch Me!’ introduces “Hair Color Booth.’ Now you can ‘dye’ you hair using virtual technology. Go blonde, brunette or go crazy with color, or tryout some streaks. This app allows you to experience realistic coloring, zoom in to achieve accuracy, adjust the intensity of the hair shades and share your new look with social media.

Four – Ghost Radar App

One of the most out-of-the-ordinary apps around, Ghost Radar provides interesting results. Ghost hunting takes in another dimension. The app allows you to collect data within the environment using device sensors to pick up on environmental changes and disturbances. The app helps to search for diverging signals from the established baseline. It’s relatively simple to use and the results can be fascinating.

Five – Pic Collage App

This free app by Cardinal Blue allows you to create and share your own photo collages. With backgrounds and thematic sticker designs, the unique styles are perfect for viewing and feeds. Pic Collage has been downloaded by millions of users. As one of the ‘Best Apps of 2013’ it is hard to beat this exceptionally fun app. Put together wonderful collages by combining photographs, stickers, fun fonts, your own text and picture frames. When you’re done putting your collage together, you can share it on social media, or you can print out a postcard to mail to friends and family around the world.

Any one of these apps provides a unique experience and out-of-the-ordinary results and if you’re game, try them for free!


Melvin is an Entrepreneur, Life Coach, and Chinese Metaphysics Practitioner. He holds an EMBA and he is a passionate and engaging teacher, known for his unique combination of science, research, and spirituality.

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