It has been 3 months since the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE [Galaxy S5 LTE] smartphone and amongst the different Android phones that are currently available in the market, the Galaxy S5 LTE is still a popular hit with consumers because of its treasure trove of technological goodness.
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In this blogpost, we will be highlighting 5 top features of the Galaxy S5 LTE that will power up your life like you have never known before.

Stay Fit

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With the Enhanced S Health, you can now track your health data and calorie intake, monitor exercises daily, and receive fitness coaching. Combined with the built-in heart rate sensor, you can also observe your heart rate at any time. Staying fit has never been so convenient with the Galaxy S5 LTE.

Advanced Camera

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You can now shoot more brilliant shots because the Galaxy S5 LTE camera’s Auto Focus is now faster than ever at up to 0.3 seconds. Selective Focus lets you put your subject at the centre of attention, mimicking the depth of effect of professional DSLRs; thus putting photo bombers at bay. The Real time HDR allows you to snap pictures and shoot videos in high lighting contrast environments, mirroring what your eyes see in rich, vivid colours.

Ultra Power Saving Mode

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This is one very useful feature that is available on the Galaxy S5 LTE because it switches your phone display to black and white and shut down unnecessary features so that the remaining 10% of your battery life can be prolonged; allowing you to stay connected for up to 30 hours.

Water and Dust Resistant

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The Galaxy S5 LTE is resistant to sweat, rain, water, and dust. It can stay protected under 1 metre of water immersion for up to 30 minutes. It’s a pretty hardy phone as compared to its predecessors.

Fingerprint Security

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This is one feature that will probably revolutionise the security of smartphones. You can unlock your phone and authenticate purchases using your fingerprint. What’s more, you can compartmentalise personal content made accessible via Private Mode. Security can be this easy because there is no need to change your passwords frequently anymore.

If you would like to find out more information about the Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE smartphone, do check out the Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE Microsite or “like” Samsung Mobile Singapore Facebook Page!


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