If you are a car owner, the most dreadful time of the year would probably be paying for your car insurance premium because it can be quite costly and a hassle. However, as long as you drive a vehicle in Singapore, automobile insurance is compulsory and unavoidable. So, why not make the best out of this circumstance and get the best value-for-money automobile insurance?
AXA Insurance Singapore recently launched a new highly-customisable automobile insurance, “SmartDrive”, and the reason why we say it is highly-customisable is because it allows customers to pick and choose the coverage that meet their needs.

Previous research conducted by AXA has clearly shown that customers from various segments were looking for very different benefits when it comes to automobile insurance and AXA Insurance Singapore has now addressed customers’ concerns by offering them the highest flexibility and customisation with the SmartDrive automobile insurance. What that essentially means is that you only pay for what you need!

The new “SmartDrive” automobile insurance is specially designed to cater to various age groups and lifestyles of car users. On top of choosing from plans such as “Essential” and “Essential Plus”, plans are also customisable for female drivers, families, and drivers who prefer flexibility of benefits.

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Subsequently, customers can select from a set of bundled add-on benefits (‘Pack’) or ala-carte add-ons according to their individual needs and price points. Add-on benefits range from Courtesy Cars, Personal Accident Benefits for Drivers, Breakdown Assistance, to even an add-on to cover their car accessories.

Mrs Doina Palici-Chehab [Chief Executive Officer of AXA Insurance Singapore] said, “With SmartDrive, we are bringing the focus on our customer to a new level as it allows us to cater to their individual needs. They will also benefit from better value, as they no longer have to pay for benefits they do not want or need.”

Well, if you need to renew your automobile insurance and you are seeking for other options which offers you the best value-for-money, why not consider and take up the AXA SmartDrive Automobile Insurance? We are pretty sure that with the highly-customisable SmartDrive automobile insurance, every single dollar is well spent to keep you and your passengers protected!

You can click here to request for a policy quotation. Alternatively, you can also contact your AXA Insurance Agent or call their hotline at 1800 880 4888.


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