A few weeks ago, we were at the Avant Premiere, an industry premiere screening of BA [Hons] Thesis Films from The Puttnam School of Film, LASALLE College of the Arts, and a mix of short documentaries and fiction films were showcased. About 200 invited guests were in attendance for this year’s screening of the Avant Premiere and it was held in conjunction with The LASALLE Show 2014, which marks the grand finale of an artistic education in creativity and imagination and the transformation of budding young talents to professional artists in the larger creative industries’ ecosystem.
There were a total of 7 short documentaries and fiction films that were screened at the Avant Premiere and we really enjoyed every single one of them because they resonated well with us. In fact, some of the films really touched us and left us tearing because they were so meaningful. Having seen the exceptional films, we say, the future of Singapore’s film-making industry is definitely shining bright.
There were 2 films that we particularly enjoyed at the Avant Premiere and they are, “Farewell Summer” and “The Collectors”. We have embedded the trailers of the 2 films in this blog post for you to watch but if you want to catch the film in its entirety, you might need to contact the filmmakers directly.

Farewell Summer, directed by Wilson Tan and produced by Vanessa Sim

Film Synopsis:

Han looks forward to a month-long of daydreaming and a short holiday trip just like his peers, to celebrate his birthday after he is finally done with his year-end exams. However he is in for another ride when he learns that his ailing grandmother would be staying with them indefinitely and causes the small family to deal with the plans that awaits them instead of the ones they have in mind. Director’s Statement Having been inspired by his own mother and grandmother for being such strong figures in his life, shaping him to be the person he is today, led Wilson to create a story as such with strong female characters, much like the ones in his life as a tribute. The film’s nature and setting of the film is something that is familiar to him, having been brought up in a similar regular working class family in Singapore, it hopes to celebrate the struggles and pleasures of the life of three individuals from three different generations through this simple drama of a working class family.

The Collectors, directed by Thais Breton and produced by Vanessa Sim

Film Synopsis:

The Collectors explores the relationship between three individuals affected by the disease of Alzheimer’s and their children, caught in a race to gather as many memories they can before it is too late. Their stories echo on the stones of the rare places left in Singapore to be imprinted with a past. A parallel is formed between an individual fright of memories loss, and a collective amnesia provoked by a local race to thrive in modernity.

For more information about the programmes offered by The Puttnam School of Film, LASALLE College of the Arts, do check out The Puttnam School of Film Official Website.


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