We were at Forum The Shopping Mall yesterday and despite it being a Friday evening when everyone would usually go out to party till late, fans of the popular TRANSFORMERS gathered at Toys “R” Us for the TRANSFORMERS Toys Madness event.
Organised by Hasbro Singapore, the TRANSFORMERS Toys Madness saw the first person in line from 2pm and by nightfall, the queue stretched to the basement level of Forum The Shopping Mall.

Hence, it is quite evident that the TRANSFORMERS still has a loyal following in Singapore and it’s fan base is set to grow even bigger when the TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION movie is released here in Singapore on 26 June 2014.

Fans of the TRANSFORMERS also had the opportunity to meet and greet the casts from Ah Boys to Men whom were there to join the crowd in awaiting the unveiling of the TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION toy line.

A Toys “R” Us Star Card Member who is the top spender of the night will win this one-of-its-kind Gold-Chrome TRANSFORMERS 4 Optimus Prime Leader [with display case].

Featuring a brand-new storyline, the TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION toy line provides the first peek at the incredible new group of robots, the DINOBOTS, that will make a debut appearance in the upcoming movie! Together with returning favourites, OPTIMUS PRIME and BUMBLEBEE, and new AUTOBOTS like DRIFT and HOUND, they will take on the menace of the all-new DECEPTICONS!

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the TRANSFORMERS brand and its iconic characters, Hasbro also launched the new line of TRANSFORMERS GENERATIONS figures that will feature classic conversions and the most detailed and accurate action figures of characters from the TRANSFORMERS movies and throughout the brand’s history. Refreshed mid last year to focus on the “Classic-style” re-imaginings of past characters, the TRANSFORMERS GENERATIONS toy line is set to resonate with the most loyal of TRANSFORMERS fans.

Are you geared up for the next wave of TRANSFORMERS fever as the highly-anticipated, hottest blockbuster comes to our big screens?


The TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION movie merchandise will be available at all Toys “R” Us and major department stores.

Go and get it now!


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