Resurrection is an American fantasy drama television series about dead people who return to life. The Number 1 Scripted Series in the United States is based on the book, “The Returned” by Jason Mott. Although similar in concept to Les Revenants, it is based on a different source, and Resurrection has no connection to the French movie or television series.

Our Opinion of Resurrection

We find the storyline extremely intriguing and very interesting. Looking at the trailer, one would have thought that this series take on a horror genre but really, it is not so scary! Rather, the series is rather mind-boggling and it makes you question everything you believe.

Resurrection Trailer

With a running duration of 42-44 minutes, there are a total of 8 episodes and if you’re the sort of person who’s into mysteries and thrillers, Resurrection is one tv series that you mustn’t miss!

You can catch the Number 1 Scripted Series in the United States, Resurrection, on Lifetime [StarHub Channel 514] every Monday at 10PM!

Oh, and if you want to catch the first episode of Resurrection, you can watch it via the following link:

Synopsis of Resurrection

The people of Arcadia, Missouri are forever changed when their deceased loved ones suddenly start to reappear. An 8-year-old American boy [Landon Gimenez] wakes up alone in a rice paddy in a rural Chinese province with no idea how he got there. Details start to emerge when the boy, who calls himself Jacob, recalls that his hometown is Arcadia, and an Immigration agent, J. Martin Bellamy [Omar Epps], takes him there. The home he claims as his own is occupied by a 60-year-old couple, Henry [Kurtwood Smith] and Lucille Langston [Frances Fisher], who lost their son, Jacob, more than 30 years ago.

While they look different, young Jacob recognizes them as his parents. Lucille is overjoyed at the seeming miracle of her son’s reappearance. Henry is reluctant to accept that Jacob is back. Those closest to the family want answers, including Sheriff Fred Langston [Matt Craven], whose wife Barbara drowned 30 years ago while trying to save Jacob, and Fred’s daughter, Maggie [Devin Kelley], a local doctor. Pastor Tom Hale [Mark Hildreth] seeks a spiritual reason for what’s happening in his community. When things take an even more shocking turn, Maggie’s life-long friend, Elaine Richards [Samaire Armstrong], finds herself drawn into Arcadia’s growing mystery.

Bellamy, an outsider in the town, joins forces with Maggie to figure out why the unexplainable is happening in Arcadia. As their investigation plays out, Maggie learns some unsettling truths about her own past. Will they be able to solve the mystery of Arcadia before the rest of the world catches on to events there? And will they be able to protect Jacob from forces beyond their control?

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