We were invited to the media launch of the OPPO N1 sometime back and we were so mightily impressed with the innovative features of the smartphone that we even purchased it for our own personal usage.

With revolutionary features such as the world’s first rotatable in-phone camera, a unique O-touch rear panel, and the O-Click remote control; the OPPO N1 truly reminded all whom were present at the launch event, that innovation is not lost in the mobile smartphone industry.

Improving on current functional limitations, the main innovative feature of the OPPO N1 is the swivel camera that has a rotation range of 206°. As such, this will allow users to lock in position at any angle for the best selfie experience.

The OPPO N1 also comes with a special O-Touch panel at the back of the phone that offers the user a convenient one-handed operation. The panel allows the user to scroll, tap, or snap photos; without having the fingers blocking the screen. However, the O-Touch panel is sometimes not so intuitive and we feel that its responsiveness can be further improved upon.

Answering the common wish of mobile phone owners who always misplace their phones, the OPPO N1 introduces the first of its kind O-Click remote. With it, users will always be able to find their mobile phone with a simple touch of the O-Click where they can activate an alarm on their phone. The keychain-friendly device supports a range of up to 15 meters, staying connected with the phone via Bluetooth. The O-Click also allows the user to remotely operate the N1 camera.

What We Think Of The OPPO N1?

Needless to say, we really like the high quality photographs that the onboard 13-megapixels rotatable camera is able to capture and coupled with the O-Click remote, capturing group photos from a distance is no longer an issue and you can just snap photos with just a simple touch of the O-click.

Selfie taken using the OPPO N1 with the help of O Click

Selfie taken using the OPPO N1 with the help of O Click

Image taken using the OPPO N1

The OPPO N1 has no problems taking jump-shots too

Even when on the move, the picture that the OPPO N1 takes is still quite good.

The battery life of the OPPO N1 is pretty impressive as it was able to last us for 2 days on normal usage conditions which includes checking our Facebook Newsfeed, sending text messages, making phone calls, and browsing the Internet.

However, with all honesty, we feel that for the price of SGD$769, the OPPO N1 is quite a pricey smartphone; considering the fact that it has a small storage capacity of 16GB, no LTE connectivity, and uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 quad-core 1.7GHz processor.

If you are a photography buff, you might want to consider getting the OPPO N1. However, if you are expecting the smartphone to have the power and the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 or the Sony Xperia Z Ultra, you will definitely be in for a disappointment. Otherwise, we reckon that the OPPO N1 will be quite a popular choice with the ladies whom are contented with a phone that allows them to take nice selfies!


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