Last week, we had the privilege to take the all New Renault Mégane Hatch out for a zippy ride and we absolutely love the responsiveness and comfort that it brings. Our driving experience with the New Renault Mégane Hatch was indeed pure sheer enjoyment!

Since its launch in late 2008, the elegantly French and sensibly efficient Renault Mégane has been a best-seller in Europe, thanks to its widely acclaimed styling and road-holding performance. Retaining the model’s original styling, which has proven to be a hit with customers, the New Renault Mégane Hatch now boasts a more contemporary look.

The front end now features LED daytime-running lights for a distinctive new lighting signature. The bumper is finished in gloss black with chrome highlights and it features an enhanced air intake grille with a sleek new design to underline the impression of robustness. Gloss black inserts and chrome fog lamp housings bring a touch of elegance.

And if the design of the New Renault Mégane Hatch is not enough, you will be awed by the fact that the New Renault Mégane Hatch also stands out as one of the most fuel-efficient hatchbacks in its class, thanks to its venerable 1.5-litre dCi 110 turbo diesel engine, which is mated to Renault’s latest Efficient Dual Clutch [EDC] transmission.

Just how fuel efficient is it?

Theoretically, the New Renault Mégane Hatch can take you from Singapore to Thailand with just one full tank and though we have not personally tried doing this, our driving experience tells us that the New Renault Mégane Hatch is extremely fuel efficient!

Throughout the time that we had with the New Renault Mégane Hatch, we were very heavy-footed and we tried to spam as much fuel as we can with every start-stop traffic movement. The pick-up of the New Renault Mégane Hatch was extremely fast and we often find ourselves at the 60km/h mark within a timeframe of 3-4 seconds. Cornering was also smooth and manageable even at 60km/h and the braking grip is firm and tight.

Even after the intensive but enjoyable driving experience that we had with the New Renault Mégane Hatch, the fuel indicator was still at full when we returned the car to Renault Singapore! This just goes to show that the 1,461cc block certainly stands out for its low carbon dioxide emissions performance, qualifying for an outstanding SGD$15,000 CEVS Green Rebate. Capable of delivering high torque and power from low rev brands across a broad rev brand in all situations, the New Renault Mégane Hatch is definitely a winner.

Inside the cabin, the New Renault Mégane Hatch offers a host of comfort equipment, with a special focus on its occupants.

The dual-zone automatic climate control is equipped with an Air Quality Sensor that monitors the quality of outside air entering the cabin and it automatically activates the air recycling mode if necessary.

The front and rear seats are very spacious and it provides enough leg room for occupants. Furthermore, the rear seats can be knocked down to create an even bigger boot space which by the way, is already big enough to accommodate all your shopping needs.

We also like the onboard speed limiter feature as it keeps us within the speed limits while driving along the Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway [KPE] and Marina Coastal Expressway [MCE].

The only qualm that we probably have with the New Renault Mégane Hatch is the audible engine noise inside the cabin; which is only natural given the powerful 1.5-litre dCi 110 turbo diesel engine. We reckoned that the customised 8-speaker surround sound system with 3D sound should be able to overpower the engine noise with additional sound-proofing and drivers would probably be able to get used to it.

If you are looking for a reliable and fuel-efficient car that is value-for-money, we will definitely recommend the New Renault Mégane Hatch. In fact, the New Renault Mégane Hatch is a trustworthy car for long-term driving and it is worth renewing a Certificate of Entitlement [COE] even after 10 years.

The Renault Mégane Hatch is currently available at a promotional price from just SGD$126,999 and this promotional price is valid till 5 March 2014. The promotional price also includes a 5 years warranty as well.

You really got to see and test drive the New Renault Mégane Hatch for yourself in order to believe that it is a worthy car. And as for us, we will definitely put the New Renault Mégane Hatch as a consideration for our next car.

Head down to the Renault Singapore Car Showroom and book your test drive now!


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