This year, we celebrated Valentine’s Day rather meaningfully and we hope to make it a tradition every year from now on to continue celebrating Valentine’s Day in such a special and meaningful way.
Yes, there were the usual gift exchange, flowers, dinner, and movie but apart from just celebrating the romance and love that we have for one another on Valentine’s Day; we decided to do something special and that is, to offer others the chance to live again!

And how did we go about saving lives?

Well, we went to the BloodBank @ Dhoby Ghaut and we donated our blood to save lives!

Sounds noble? Probably?

But that’s not the point. We thought of donating our blood on Valentine’s Day because we believe everyone deserves a second chance to love and to feel loved. With the unit of blood that we donated, it can save up to 3 lives for patients undergoing surgery and blood related illnesses and with the both of us donating blood together, we would have save up to 6 lives and that really matters to us!

If you are working or living near Outram or Woodlands, there are two other BloodBanks located there but the BloodBank that is centrally located would be the one at Dhoby Ghaut. In fact, the BloodBank @ Dhoby Ghaut is really convenient and easily accessible via the North-South Line and North-East Line Trains.

Is it scary to donate blood?

Yes, it probably would be for first-timers donating blood but when you donate blood regularly, the fear would subside and every time when you donate blood, your confidence will surly increase.

It was Jacqueline’s 4th donation and it was my 11th donation. Even though we’re regular blood donors, the fear of needles sometimes still exist and one tip we would give to first-timers to overcome the fear of needles is to not look at the needles but rather, to look away and listen closely to the instructions from the nurses as they will make you feel more relaxed and not so tensed up.

The processes involved in blood donation are really simple.

All potential blood donors will first have to register themselves by filling up a questionnaire. Following which, a medical screening will be done by a medical officer and you will have your blood pressure, height, and weight measured. Once you have been screened and cleared by the medical officer, you will then go for a blood test to determine if you are suitable to donate blood. If successful, you will then proceed for the blood donation where your blood will be drawn.

The entire process should take no more than an hour and you can even make an appointment to donate blood too. Prior to the actual blood donation taking place, the nurse will also prescribe you with some iron tablets that will aid your body in the replenishment of red blood cells. A normal healthy person can donate blood every 12 weeks [approximately 3 months] and so in a year, you probably will be able to donate up to 4 times!

However, before you go and donate your blood, make sure you satisfy the criteria for blood donation.

Currently, as of 14 February 2014, the blood stocks for Blood Type Group A and Blood Type Group O are on the low side. If you have Blood Type Group A or Blood Type Group O, we highly encourage you to step out with courage and donate blood to those whom really need it.

You too can make a difference and help save lives! To find out how you can donate blood and what are the criteria for donating blood, you can check out the Singapore Blood Donor Web for more information.


Melvin is an Entrepreneur, Life Coach, and Chinese Metaphysics Practitioner. He holds an EMBA and he is a passionate and engaging teacher, known for his unique combination of science, research, and spirituality.

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