For the first time after so many years, a riot broke out in Singapore at Little India and it came as a rude shock to us when we saw our Facebook News Feed flooded with images and videos of the violence that took place. At first, we found it hard to believe that such a thing could have happened and it dawned upon us that we must never ever take the peace we have in Singapore for granted.
Ambulance and Overturned Police Car were Set On Fire by the Rioters.

[Image Credits to Channel News Asia]

Even though the situation at Little India is now under control, it is expected that there will be tensions over the next few days and authorities have called for everyone to remain calm and not to speculate on the incident until the matter has been thoroughly investigated.

Press Conference that took Place This Morning At About 0220 Hours After The Little India Riot

[Image Credits to Channel News Asia]

While keeping up with the news about what was happening at Little India, we have seen some racist comments and postings that were pretty crude and some people even made use the of circumstance to incite hatred and spread unnecessary rumours that were untrue. Seriously, we really hope that people would verify their news sources before sharing them because these would have caused undue stress and worries for family members and loved ones of the Police Officers, Medics, and the Civil Defence Officers. Yes, one can obtain fast updates and news from social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook but what use would it be if the news sources are not trustworthy and accurate?

We believe Home Team Academy [HTA] has handled the crisis well and kudos to the officers whom were onsite to maintain law and order. Justice must be served for the damages done to government property and the injuries that were sustained by the officers in the course of their duty. It is really brave of our officers to exercise restraint even in the face of violence and we wish the injured offices a speedy recovery.

Riot Police in Riot Gear During the Little India Riot

[Image Credits to Jovial via Channel News Asia]

While investigations are still ongoing, may we take this opportunity to remind everyone to remain calm and not to aggravate the circumstance with unnecessary rumours and especially, racist or xenophobic remarks. While the situation in Little India is under control, we strongly advise tourists to stay away from the area for the time being.


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