We were recently invited to Just Like It!‘s latest outlet at Resorts World Sentosa and it was an interesting experience watching how NEW iCE cream are being made on the spot with 100% natural ingredients and liquid nitrogen.

Upon stepping into the Just Like It! outlet at Resorts World Sentosa, we felt as if we have just entered a science laboratory.

You probably might wonder what exactly is NEW iCE cream?

Well, NEW iCE cream is a term coined by Just Like It! to name their ice cream because their ice cream does not fall within the typical categories of traditional ice cream or gelato due to its unique texture and flavour.

With the use of liquid nitrogen as a cooling agent, Just Like It!’s technique of making NEW iCE cream hastens the regular ice cream making process, resulting in a final product that is made up of extremely fine and small ice crystals, promising an incredibly smooth texture to the ice cream.

At Just Like It!, there are a variety of NEW iCE cream flavours that are available and when we were there, we tried the Mocha Cookies, Chocolate Toffee, Vanilla Mint, New PopCorn, Tropical Mango, Jolly Shandy, and even Tiger Beer!

As a matter of fact, Just Like It! has a designated Research and Development team which uses a special technique that can churn out almost any flavour of NEW iCE cream, using only the freshest premium quality of natural ingredients with no additives, colouring, stabilizers, or emulsifiers.

These are the secret recipes/ingredients that are used in the making of NEW iCE cream.

Our personal favourites of NEW iCE cream flavours are the Tropical Mango and the New PopCorn and if you’re wondering how much a scoop of NEW iCE cream will cost, the price starts from SGD$5.90 onwards.

Apart from NEW iCE cream, the Just Like It! outlet at Resorts World Sentosa also has a whole range of other food and beverage products for you to indulge in.

While interacting with Mr Bak, Chief Executive Officer of Just Like It!, he explained to us how the NEW iCE cream is much more healthier than the traditional ice cream or gelato because of its lower fat content.

While there has never been a F&B outlet in Singapore that makes ice cream on the spot with liquid nitrogen, the use of liquid nitrogen in culinary is not something that is new in the market because the local bars here previously used liquid nitrogen to make cocktails that give off a cool white vapour, giving the drink a mysterious effect.

And if you’re skeptical about consuming food & beverage products made with liquid nitrogen, don’t worry as the liquid nitrogen must be fully evaporated from the NEW iCE cream before it is being served to you. Liquid nitrogen is not an ingredient that is added to the NEW iCE cream but it is a medium used for making the NEW iCE cream. However, do note that while liquid nitrogen can be safely used in food or drink preparation, it should not be directly ingested so please don’t go around having the idea that it is safe to consume liquid nitrogen.

If you have never witness the making of ice cream on the spot before, heading down to Just Like It! is a worthwhile learning experience as you can watch the staffs in lab coats conjure your favourite New iCE cream.

Here’s a 3-minutes video clip showing how NEW iCE cream is being made at Just Like It! @ Resorts World Sentosa.

Just Like It! currently has four outlets in Singapore and they are located at Tampines One, Ang Mo Kio Hub, ION Orchard, and Resorts World Sentosa!

For more updates and promotions about Just Like It!, do check out Just Like It!’s Facebook Page!


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