Just three days ago, we were at the launch of the stunning new packaging on the Guinness Foreign Extra Stout variant at a custom-built pop-up bar at One Raffles Place and it was hosted by Fergal Murray, Guinness’ Global Master Brewer.

Specially flown in from Dublin, Ireland, Fergal Murray shared with us that Guinness is undoubtedly one of the longest established beer brands in Singapore, and its Foreign Extra Stout variant is a combination of tradition and heritage, having cemented its position as the nation’s much loved brew over the past 145 years.

For those of us belonging to the late 80s or early 90s generation of people, you probably would ask what’s Ang Ji Kao and how is it related to Guinness and even for ourselves, we have absolutely not heard of Ang Ji Kao before until recently.

Ang Ji Kao is a Hokkien term for Red Tongued Dog and it is often used by those from the 60s/70s generation whenever they want to order a bottle of Guinness at the kopitiams [coffee shops].

Why’s that so?

If you are observant enough, you would have noticed that there’s an emblem of a Red Tongued Dog on the Guinness bottle labels and it is a classic icon of Guinness here in Singapore for the last 145 years! This iconic Red Tongued Dog is more affectionately known as the Ang Ji Kao.

Singapore is the first market in the world to launch the new design that pushes boundaries with more style and more soul. From the beauty of the metallic gold finishes, the standout yellow racetracks of colour, and the layering of contemporary typography, the new Guinness Foreign Extra Stout livery invites the eye and draws the drinker in.

The iconic Ang Ji Kao or Red Tongued Dog remains on the neck label as a classic icon of Guinness in Singapore.

The generous swoop of Arthur Guinness’ signature not only adds to the new livery’s premium aesthetic, but also pays homage to the provenance, craft, and authority of the world’s favourite stout, adding a new sense of quality and ritual to this adored drink.

Apart from the interaction with Fergal Murray, we also had the opportunity to learn about the process that goes behind the making of Guinness’ beers.

An interactive raw ingredient wall and a special showcase of the brew kettle and bottling line.

An elegant island bar for special samplings also features in this pop-up, where visitors will be taken through the time-honoured three-part pour, a signature for the Guinness brand.

If you missed the custom-built pop-up bar at One Raffles Place, fret not because the custom-built pop-up bar will be travelling to Ang Mo Kio Hub, 112 Katong Mall, and Wisma Atria in the coming weeks!

The lush pop-up bars will feature at the three locations from 19 October to 3 November 2013 at the following timings:

19 – 20 Oct Ang Mo Kio Hub [Open Plaza Entrance] 11am – 9pm
25 – 27 Oct I12 Katong 11.30am – 9pm
02 – 03 Nov Wisma Atria 12pm – 9pm


Fun Fact!

The Guinness Foreign Extra Stout, with 176 calories per 12 ounces, is comparatively low in calories as compared to the Orange Juice with 183 calories.


The new Guinness Foreign Extra Stout livery will continue to include Guinness Foreign Extra Stout pint and quart bottles, as well as the 500ml and 320ml cans, available island-wide.

Its characteristic bittersweet palette delivers an extraordinary drinking experience that meets every occasion. Seekers of a full-flavoured beer will find that a chilled Guinness is both striking and refreshingly crisp.

Are you ready to discover more of the most distinctive beer in the world?

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