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The first-ever Color Run took place last weekend and both Jacqueline and I signed up for the Saturday race that kicked-off at 5pm. When I first heard of The Color Run via an email advertisement from Sentosa, I was rather intrigued by the concept and I decided to sign up right away after watching some videos of the past Color Runs that were held in other parts of the world.

Guess what?

Within 3 hours after the registration for The Color Run opened in late June, all the race slots were taken up and I was rather thankful that I signed up early. After all, surly the early bird catches the worm right? 🙂

Before The Color Run

We were informed via email to collect our Race Pack at *Scape and when the day for us to collect our Race Packs came, the number of people whom were at *Scape was massive! I personally had to queue up for more than 5 hours before I managed to collect the Race Packs and it was a disaster; considering the fact that I had to skip dinner just to collect a Race Pack which contains the Number Bib, some CIMB Bank Brochures, a Portable Plastic Water-Holder, a Color Run Tattoo, a Color Run T-Shirt, an Event Wrist-Tag, and 4 Safety Pins.

The Long Queue At *Scape!

This very incident sparked off an outrage amongst those whom signed up for The Color Run and some even went all the way out to obtain a refund for the race. Personally, I really feel that the Race Pack Collection could do with more planning and logistical arrangements and though it left quite a bad impression on me at the start, the ending was way better than the beginning.

After The Color Run

Thinking back, The Color Run was extremely well-received during the Race Day and we had a blast at the Sentosa Beach. For both Jacqueline and I, it was our first-time doing a 5KM Run as a couple and for myself personally, it was my first-time doing a 5KM run. The longest distance that I have ever ran was less than 4KM and ever since last weekend’s Color Run, I purposed in my heart to participate in more of such runs!

With The Color Run Mascot

Jump If You’re Happy!

The Runners All Decked-Out In Interesting Costumes!

The Color Run is suitable for everyone, whether young or old. 🙂

The choice of location for The Color Run was an extremely wise move by the organisers and the sponsors [Mini, W Hotel, CIMB Bank, New Balance] for The Color Run were extremely supportive as well.

Mini Car Stuffed With Bananas!

We pretty much had a lot of fun with the awesome people from New Balance and seriously, we are considering to put away our Asics Shoes and don a new pair of New Balance Shoes instead. At The Color Run, we were introduced to the latest running shoes offered by New Balance and we really wonder if New Balance Singapore would want to sponsor us with new pairs of sports shoes for all of our runs especially since we are planning to be a true blue loyal fan of New Balance! 😛

Our Shoes Before The Run

Our Shoes After The Run

At every 1KM mark, there would be a Color Zone where runners will have colored powder thrown at them and as for me, I prefer to have the colored powder on me in a different way. The colored powder that were thrown are safe and it is basically 100% natural food grade cornstarch.

All Clean and White Before The Run

All Colourful After The Run

Feeling Happy After The Color Run- Indeed the Happiest 5K On Planet Earth!

Beautiful Sight After The Run

All The Runners Just Basking In The Evening Sun

A Typical Sight After Every Major Events- Uniquely Singapore; Some Things Just Don’t Change!

Well, we really hope that The Color Run will be an annual affair here in Singapore and if you haven’t had the opportunity to participate in The Color Run this year, cross your fingers and pray that it will be here in Singapore next year!

To end off, here’s a video that summarises our experience at The Color Run Singapore 2013. 🙂


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