We have written a couple of blog posts on hatchback cars and for this current blog post, it will be our first for a sedan car and we are pretty excited about its upcoming launch in Singapore on 27 July 2013.
Want to make a guess which sedan car are we going to write about?

Well, it is none other than the Kia Forte K3!

Two weekends ago, we were invited to preview the Forte K3 at the Singapore Turf Club and we had an enjoyable time driving the sleek-looking car. Given the large spacious environment at the Singapore Turf Club and under the guidance of the driving instructors, we also had the rare opportunity to push the Forte K3 to its limits.

While waiting for the event to commence proper, we went around to shoot some photos of the Singapore Turf Club. Since it was our first time at the Singapore Turf Club, we looked quite “suaku” [mountain tortoise] and were amazed that such a place existed in Singapore.

A rider and his horse going around the tracks.

Fans of Kia Singapore enjoying some simple refreshments and having a light-hearted moment.

A personalised tag that was specially made by Kia for all event participants.

The preview of the Forte K3 was divided into three different segments.

In the first segment, all event participants were introduced to the Forte K3 and the awesome team members from Kia were there to answer any queries that we may have about the car.

The Forte K3 exudes a brilliant touch of luxury with no detail left unturned. From the distinctive radiator grille to the sporty spoke wheels, every detail of the Forte K3 delivers high-end functionality with high-class style.

With a perfect proportioned profile, the Forte K3’s dynamic silhouette is accentuated by a sweeping roof line, shortened front and rear overhangs, and distinctive side character line.

An aerodynamic spoiler on the rear trunk lid accentuates the sporty exterior design of the Forte K3.

The powerful and refined Gamma 1.6 MPI is the heart of the Forte K3. Featuring Dual Continuously Variable Valve Timing [D-CVVT] and electronic fuel injection, its lightweight aluminium construction ensures superb fuel economy. When we drove the car, the engine was responsive and smooth. There was not much jerking effect and even when we pedalled hard on the accelerator, the engine and road noise were kept to a minimal.

Now, what about the interior of the Forte K3?

The interior of the Forte K3 is simply unbelievable. Packed with tons of features to provide maximum driving comfort, the Forte K3 is definitely a worthy contender for its sophistication and class.

Some of the interior features include:

  • A 10-Way Power Assisted and Ventilated Driver’s Seat that also comes with an Integrated Memory System.

– With a seat like this, the driver will not have much to complain about when the weather gets really hot and humid. Even if the weather is cold [which is unlikely the case], the seat also has a seat warmer to provide reassuring comfort. Finding your ideal driving position is also made much more convenient with the power assisted seat and if you have preferred driving positions for different circumstances, memory settings for two different driving positions are available.

  • Rear Air Vents

-It is really rare for a car in a class similar as the Forte K3 to offer a rear air vent and your back seat passengers will rejoice because with the Forte K3, they too can enjoy the air circulation from the rear air vents that are positioned at the back of the center console.

The interior is spacious and it provides sufficient legroom and headroom for both passengers and drivers alike. The soft-touch materials, faux leather trim, and carbon pattern embossing are among the finishing touches that give the entire cabin a high-quality, modern feel.

There are also other really cool interior features that come onboard the Forte K3 and due to time constraints, we did not have the luxury of time to shoot much photographs. If we ever do get the opportunity to bring the Forte K3 out for a weekend drive, we will definitely publish a more detailed blog post about the car for all you readers to check out.

The second segment of the preview was the handling of the Forte K3 and this was where we pushed the car to its limits.

In this segment, we were tasked to navigate through the slalom course with both the Forte K3 and it’s competitor’s car, and we must say, we felt more confident handling the slalom course with the Forte K3 than it’s competitor’s car.

An instructor showing us the correct driving posture.

The professional driving instructor whom was guiding us through the slalom course. He looks quite fierce but seriously, he is quite an approachable guy.

The Forte K3 comes with a Flex Steer System that provides three different steering modes [Comfort, Normal, and Sport] and it delivers the appropriate level of steering assistance and feedback for different driving conditions and preferences. Personally, we prefer the Sport Mode because the feedback was pretty realistic. As such, we felt very confident handling the Forte K3 even at high speeds. For the ladies, they might prefer the comfort mode but for us, we found the steering too light for our liking.

The last segment for the preview was where we brought the Forte K3 out for an urban drive.

In this final segment, we took quite a while because we were comparing the driving experience of the different brands of cars with the Forte K3 and we must say, the Forte K3 wins hands-down.

Overall, having compared and driven three different cars on the same day, we must say that the Forte K3 is simply unrivalled. Apart from the beauty of its external façade and its luxurious and spacious interior, the driving performance of the Forte K3 is also powerful and smooth. Packed with so much features that most of its competitors do not offer, the Forte K3 offers a driving experience like no other.

If you’re looking for a spacious, comfortable, and an affordable car that sports an executive look, you might just want to consider Kia’s All-New Forte K3!

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Melvin is an Entrepreneur, Life Coach, and Chinese Metaphysics Practitioner. He holds an EMBA and he is a passionate and engaging teacher, known for his unique combination of science, research, and spirituality.

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