SingTel is taking its first ever real-time Twitter race one step further by turning it into a physical race to find Dee Kosh and I believe Dee Kosh needs no introduction because he is such a popular Youtube personality and 987FM DJ.
[Credits to SingTel for the Image]

Today [6 June 2013] and tomorrow [7 June 2013], Dee Kosh will be releasing a series of tweets and clues based on his location and the fastest person to find him IN PERSON will win SGD$1000 cash! To obtain the clue of his location, simply follow @SingTel on Twitter and look out for the Tweets about Dee Kosh’s whereabouts.

Also, if you need more clues about Dee Kosh’s whereabouts, you can Tweet to @SingTel and include the hashtag #Fastest4GSpeed to ask questions. When you catch Dee Kosh, don’t forget to mention “Fastest 4G Speed” and show Dee Kosh the SingTel Network Logo on your phone!

Here’s How You Can Participate in SingTel’s ‘Catch Dee Kosh If You Can’: The Final Countdown – #Fastest4GSpeed
[Credits to SingTel for the Image]

All the best in catching Dee Kosh and may the force be with you!


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