We caught Ah Boys to Men Part 2 during its opening last Friday and yes, we just couldn’t wait to catch it that we booked the 1150pm slot despite being so tired. To conquer the “Z” Monster, we bought a Venti-Sized Cup of Starbucks Caramel Macchiato and some Nachos to munch on while watching the movie. Well, thankfully, we caught the movie in its entirety and because the movie was so funny, it kept us awake throughout.
We have heard from some people whom felt that Ah Boys to Men Part 1 is way better than Ah Boys to Men Part 2 and well, it is only expected that people have higher expectations of Ah Boys to Men Part 2 because Ah Boys to Men Part 1 was such a splendid production.

Movie Plot [as extracted from GV’s Website]:
After his recovery and realization of his mistakes, Ken returns to Tekong Island to continue his Basic Military Training (BMT). Determined to change, Ken prepares to prove himself.

However, this change in attitude from Ken, immediately draws the dislike and mockery from some his Section mates led by Lobang. They feel that he is following after Wayang King’s footsteps, just trying to flatter the commanders so that he can stand out. Ken tries to explain but to no avail. Instead, their misunderstandings deepen as the training continues. At the same time, Ip Man’s girlfriend left him for another guy. Unable to contain his anger, Ip Man seeks help from Lobang & his Section mates to hatch a plan for revenge on his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend.

The new boyfriend immediately informs his gang, and quickly locate Lobang and the Section mates at their usual place where they will have dinner before booking in. A fight broke out. Wayang King was the first to escape, while Ken hesitated, but eventually stayed behind to defend his Section mates.

When questioned by the Commanders, Ken defended his actions because he learned that he should “Leave no man behind” and can’t just run away. Seeing his Section mates being beaten up, is he wrong to go through thick and thin with them?

After this incident, what else is in store for Ken? What punishment will be met out because of the fight? How will the antagonisms between Ken, Wayang King, Lobang and the rest of the Section mates be resolved? In such an environment of mutual distrust and sabotage, will they be able to shake hands and work together, to face their greatest challenge?

Our Personal Review of the Movie:
Ah Boys to Men Part 2 is pretty heartwarming and funny at the same time. However, we personally feel that Director Jack Neo probably tried so hard to squeeze every aspect of BMT [Basic Military Training] into part 2 that it felt quite rushed. The storyline is good but lacks depth and while the actors portrayed their roles pretty well, their emotions displayed in the movie could have been better. With that being said, Ah Boys to Men Part 2 is still a movie worth catching!

Well, if you’re planning for a gathering with your Army Buddies or your loved ones, you might want to consider watching Ah Boys to Men Part 2 this weekend! We guarantee that you’ll definitely laugh non-stop from start till end!

Ah Boys to Men Part 2 [Movie Trailer]:

Ah Boys to Men Part 2 [Theme Music Video]:

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