Baby and I were dining at Seoul Garden Hotpot at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard a few weeks back and we reckoned that we should write something about it since everyone else is so familiar with Seoul Garden for its Korean-styled cuisine in a buffet-styled format.
In case you’re wondering, Seoul Garden Hotpot is opened by the very people whom started Seoul Garden and Breeks Cafe and it is currently available at 2 locations; HarbourFront Centre and Cathay Cineleisure Orchard.

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Seoul Garden Hotpot offers an array of authentic Korean dishes like Bibim Baps, HotPot and Jjiage Sets; and Students can rejoice because Seoul Garden Hotpot offers Student Meal that cost from $6.90++!

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While we were looking through their menu…

From Seoul Garden Hotpot 2012

We noticed that Seoul Garden Hotpot also has this promotion that runs from Monday to Thursday, 12pm to 4pm. Pretty redundant unless you’re having lunch or planning to have hi-tea there.

From Seoul Garden Hotpot 2012

So having decided what we wanted to eat, here’s what we ordered:

Seafood Hotpot [SGD $11.90++]

From Seoul Garden Hotpot 2012

Our Opinion: The Seafood Hotpot is one of their Chef’s Recommendations and we personally find the quality of the soup base to be sub-standard. We kinda expect it to be a little bit more spicy and flavourful but well, or maybe it’s just the way the taste should be. The amount of seafood in the hotpot was rather countable with one hand and they had more vegetables like mushrooms and cucumbers in the soup rather than seafood.

Bulggogi Chicken Bap [SGD $10.90++]

From Seoul Garden Hotpot 2012

Our Opinion: The Bulggogi Chicken Bap was also listed as one of the Chef’s Recommendations and it was fabulous. The chicken was of the right texture and it was very flavourful. The taste is authentic and we will definitely recommend it.

Peach & Mango Tea [SGD $3.50++ each]

From Seoul Garden Hotpot 2012

Our Opinion: The presentation of the drinks were above expectations and the taste was there. We will try the rest of the beverages the next time we visit.

The total cost of our meal amounted to SGD $35.07 and cost about SGD $17.54 per person. Value for money? Probably not; considering the portion was a little less than expectations. Will we go back and dine at Seoul Garden Hotpot? Probably; because there are a couple of other dishes that we really want to try. Other than the food and beverage, the service was tip-top and while we don’t exactly remember the name of the service staff that served us, we were pretty satisfied with the service process.

You can check out their full menu via the following link:

So if you’re wondering where to get that Bibim Bap or Hotpot that you’ve been craving for, head on over to Seoul Garden Hotpot!

Stay tuned to more updates from us!

God bless!


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