Since Golden Village [GV] City Square opened for business on 13 November 2012, avid movie-goers can now catch their favourite movies at the newly-opened multiplex @ City Square Mall and with 11 multiplexes under their name, GV is Singapore’s largest cinema operator and that’s good news because with an addition of a new multiplex, it just gives movie-goers another avenue to catch their favourite movies.
City Square Mall @ Kitchener Road

From GV City Square 2012

GV City Square is situated on the 5th level of City Square Mall

From GV City Square 2012

Well, thanks to omy Blog Club and GV, a group of 50 bloggers [including myself] were invited to check out the new multiplex and its facilities; and we even had the opportunity to catch Twilight: Breaking Dawn [Part 2].

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The snack bar at GV City Square.

From GV City Square 2012

What’s really cool about GV City Square is that it houses the Couple’s Cinema too! Unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance to shoot photographs of the Couple’s Cinema but if you’re interested to find out more, do check out GV’s website.

The Couple’s Cinema features a unique seating layout where pairs of cinema seats are separated from one another, allowing couples to cosy-up in their private space. Even though ticket prices on a normal weekday for the Couple’s Cinema cost $12, that is still way cheaper than Gold Class tickets if you’re planning for a romantic date without the hefty price tag.

The All-New GV City Square Multiplex.

From GV City Square 2012

I’m not really sure if every GV multiplex now have this drinks/snacks machine but its the first time I’m seeing one in their multiplex.

From GV City Square 2012

If you’re planning to catch a movie and you’re residing along the North-East Line, rejoice because you have one other place to catch your favourite movies other than Serangoon NeX.

Stay tuned to more updates from us!

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