While browsing my [Melvin] Facebook Wall today, I came across a blog entry by Alvin from Alvinology about two youths whom were in a nursing room and they refused to leave the nursing room when asked politely by a lady whom wants to feed her baby.
A video of what happened [shot by the lady whom wants to feed her baby] is available on Youtube and I’m writing this blog post to express my disgust towards the two inconsiderate boys whom totally have no respect for the lady.

In order to give you readers a balanced point of view, I have also considered the point that the boys might have reacted the way they did in the video as they might have been “taunted” by the lady.

First and foremost, nursing rooms [a.k.a breastfeeding rooms] are meant for ladies whom need to feed their babies. In fact, men are strictly prohibited in most [or if not, all] nursing rooms. So, the boys are definitely in the wrong because they shouldn’t even be there.

Secondly, despite being asked more than once to leave the nursing room, the two boys continued to remain there and showed no intention to leave. This is really selfish because with the two boys in the nursing room, how is the lady able to feed her baby in private; which is the reason why nursing rooms are created in the first place.

Thirdly, although the lady told the boys that they would be “Stomped”, they continued to remain in the nursing room and spewed uncouth words like “asshole” and even pointed the middle finger at the lady. Well, are the boys rude? Definitely. Then again, they might have reacted the way they did because the lady “taunted” them.

Here’s the link to the Stomp Article that the lady put up and also a full account of the story that is available on The New Paper Forum

Given these 3 points, I am dead sure that the two boys were in the wrong. However, there were also some Netizens that commented that the lady was at fault for “taunting” them [the two boys]. In the first place, if the two boys left the nursing room after being asked to leave, this saga wouldn’t even have happened. In fact, they [the two boys] were pretty insistent on being there and as a result, caused the lady to react the way she did. Honestly, touch your heart and ask yourself, wouldn’t any frustrated mothers whom have babies on their arms waiting to be fed explode in this kinda situation? In fact, I think this lady is pretty reasonable because if it was someone else [maybe Xiaxue who’s a mum to be], they might have it worst [I’m just giving an example].

Apparently, Stomp has also updated that one of the youths had requested for the story to be removed because he is embarrassed. That I supposed, could be the boy in the red shirt. Question is, should the public forgive them [the boys] for their unruly behaviour? Well, I guess they ought to be forgiven because sometimes youths do things without thinking of the consequences. However, they shouldn’t be let off that easily and actions ought to be taken against them if they do not learn from their mistakes. Hopefully, they [the boys] will learn to become better individuals after this episode.

Check out the video here:

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God bless!


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