After being awoken up due to a ruckus at 3:45am in the morning regarding the parking issue in Clover By The Park Condominium, I went down to kaypoh kaypoh a bit and I have found out some new stuffs from the security guards:

1). There are 80 over empty parking lots as of this moment and these empty parking lots would have been more than sufficient to accommodate all the residents whom are residing here. This is because, some units may not own cars and some units may not even be occupied. It is all about the balancing act.

2). Visitors are now NOT ALLOWED  to visit residents staying at Clover By The Park Condominium after 2359 hours. Seriously, this is a ridiculous rule that was set up by the management and wah lau, you mean I own the unit in Clover By The Park Condominium and my friends + relatives can’t visit me after 2359 hours and can’t stay over for the night?! They think what, lights out ah? Siao! I’m staying in a private estate, not a hospital boy! Even staying in a HDB flat seems like a better deal than having to deal with all this stupid rules and regulations.

3). The rules were all set and laid down by the management committee whom are residents residing in Clover By The Park Condominium, and apparently, SavillsCKH Pte Ltd + Tony Chan [the Condominium Manager] are the ones facilitating these discussions. So, when these rules and regulations were all laid out by the management committee, did they [the residents in the management committee] ever took into consideration the pros and cons and weigh them before making such decisions? Did SavillsCKH Pte Ltd + Tony Chan [the Condominium Manager] warn the management committee of the consequences of such decisions? I guess apparently not. These decisions I believe were made without the approval of the residents [whom are not in the management committee], and seriously, any decision that is to be made that concerns all residents residing in Clover By The Park Condominium should be made with a general consensus i.e voting system.

A Personal Message to Clover By The Park Residents [if you’re reading this blog entry]:

Hi Everyone,

just like you, I am now facing problems that never had existed after the circular regarding parking was issued out. I totally understand your situation but seriously, don’t blame it on the security guards as they are doing their jobs. In fact, the security guards can provide us with vital information that we can bring up and feedback to the management committee.

The management committee comprises of residents within our estate. I believe it is time we vote them out of the committee and vote in residents whom are able to look after the welfare of other residents residing in Clover By The Park Condominium.

And if you’re a resident and you belong in the management committee, watch out because we will hunt you down and ensure that these issues are all settled amicably because our home is a place for us to enjoy, chill, and relax; not have some stupid rules that you think you cleverly thought out but never did consider the consequences. In fact, I suspect that you might be the one whom always park in undesignated lots because you are lazy to walk from point A to point B. Like hello?! It’s first-come-first-serve ok?

Anyhows, for those residents whom are bothered with these issues, kindly group up, gather one another’s contact, and call for a voting session to vote for your rights. This property/home that you bought at such a high price is your home, not anybody else’s home. Don’t let the select few dictate what you can do and what you cannot do without even considering your rights.

For me, I’m less than 2 weeks from moving out, so all the best & good luck! 🙂

Conclusive Statement:
For all you home buyers/investors out there, do consider all these issues before you decide to invest in Clover By The Park Condominium. The external building facade may look good but internally as a community, there are ravenous wolves + dictators whom are out to lay down stupid rules and regulations that will affect your stay here. If you have an unhappy living community, it could be possible that your investments are not worth it.



After a showdown with the Condominium Manager [his name is Tony Chan] of Clover By The Park Condominium, there is no conclusive decision. In fact, there were three things that I drawn from the showdown:

1). Clover By The Park Condominium is managed by SavillsCKH Pte Ltd and the team does not have any solutions regarding the parking issues affecting the residents whom are staying at Clover By The Park Condominium. They are in fact ignorant about the problem.

2). The management wants residents to think of solutions to the problem when we residents have other things like making ends meet to worry about. Question is, aren’t you paid to “create a blissful living environment and enhance the value of our property” [just like you mentioned in your own website]?

3). “Beyond rendering professional and efficient service, our strength also lies in our personal touch. At SavillsCKH Pte Ltd, we embrace the belief that each client is an individual, and thus, endevour to personalise our service delivery to ensure your experience with us is nothing less than memorable.” You mean to say that your service is personal and that your staffs are service oriented? Oh please, the management office was supposed to be operating from 0900 hours and guess what, the office only opened at 0905 hours today. If you want to provide personalised service, go learn and pick up the right skills from the hospitality industry. And yes, my experience with you is nothing less than memorable because you have failed to address the issue.

Conclusion: I shan’t bother the management anymore regarding the parking issues because they don’t even have a solution and are expecting residents to come up with the game plan for them and then take credit for it. Anyhows, I’m leaving this shithole soon and I won’t have any more problems then.

Ps. pardon me for the seemingly harsh words because if you were in my shoes, you will feel the pinch of not being able to truly call the home that you bought with all your hard earned money a home that you can truly enjoy [to its fullest]. And if this blog entry has offended anyone, I do apologise.

This is going to be a rather negative blog post and through this blog entry, I am providing real direct feedback to the management committee of Clover By The Park Condominium.

When I shifted to Clover By The Park Condominium in Bishan, I have heard that residents were upset with the shortage of car parking facilities in their own respective blocks as some units own more than 1 or 2 cars. Nevertheless, there has always been enough parking facilities for everyone residing in Clover By The Park Condominium because there is a basement carpark at the 2nd level which has tons of parking lots.

However, even though there are many parking lots available, there are a couple of residents whom are freaking lazy to walk and hence, park their cars in places that are not meant for parking! Despite repeated warnings not to park their cars in undesignated places, the freaking lazy residents continue to break the rules, citing that it was their right to park their cars at their own block. Like hello?! If you are early, then you get to park at your own block; but if you are late, then you can either park in another block or park at the basement 2 carkpark right?!

So, a month ago, a circular was issued by the management of Clover By The Park Condominium stating that only vehicles which are tagged to the system in the Guard House can park at the carpark and that other vehicles that are not tagged would have to find alternative parking areas. And by the way, only the 1st car of every unit can be tagged to the system and that the 2nd car has to ballot for a parking lot in order for it to be tagged to the system.

Guess what, the results of the ballot was just released two days ago and a total number of 75 2nd cars were allowed to be tagged to the system. Then, what about the rest of the units whom have 2nd cars too?

Previously, units with 2nd or 3rd cars can park their cars in the basement 2 carpark but now, with the new stupid policy of the management of Clover By The Park Condominium, only cars which are tagged to the system can park their cars at the carpark i.e. to say, only the 1st car of every unit and the 2nd car as well if they have been successful in the balloting.

The question now is this:

1). If there are more than enough parking lots, shouldn’t it be fully utilised?

2). If a resident insist on parking haphazardly in undesignated places, shouldn’t his/her car be wheel-clamped and fined?

3). Why is it that units with 2nd or 3rd cars can park in the basement 2 carpark previously, but are not able to do so now?

4). If a resident has to find alternative parking facilities in the nearby HDB vicinity, is the management going to be responsible for the parking costs?

Seriously, if the management of Clover By The Park Condominium tells me that there isn’t enough parking lots, then I have nothing to say. But look, here are pictures of the freaking empty carpark lots that I took at around 11pm. Don’t give me the crap and bullshit that a lot of residents return home at 1am or 2am in the morning on a weekday. Even if there are, it is just a handful and there are definitely ample parking lots that are not utilised.

Empty Carpark Lots at Basement 1 Carpark

From Residents’ Woes at Clover By The Park Condominium
From Residents’ Woes at Clover By The Park Condominium
From Residents’ Woes at Clover By The Park Condominium
From Residents’ Woes at Clover By The Park Condominium

Empty Carpark Lots at Basement 2 Carpark

From Residents’ Woes at Clover By The Park Condominium
From Residents’ Woes at Clover By The Park Condominium
From Residents’ Woes at Clover By The Park Condominium
From Residents’ Woes at Clover By The Park Condominium

Either way, I’m going to give the management of Clover By The Park Condominium a piece of my mind later in the morning with the other residents and I’m pretty sure it will be a good show. Meanwhile, I will have to put up with this shithole for a couple of days before I permanently move to my new shelter.



Melvin is an Entrepreneur, Life Coach, and Chinese Metaphysics Practitioner. He holds an EMBA and he is a passionate and engaging teacher, known for his unique combination of science, research, and spirituality.


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