If you’re planning to travel and you’re on a really tight budget, then you ought to check out Hostelworld because they offer a wide range of 27,000 properties from 180 countries worldwide where you can book your accommodations. In fact, in a 2012 travel survey conducted [associated with Lonely Planet], Hostelworld was voted the most trusted hostel website so you can be fully assured that the accommodations that you booked for are 100% guaranteed.
What I personally really like about Hostelworld is that the properties that are generally offered are pretty affordable, thus saving you money which you could otherwise spend on visiting other tourist attractions. Also, some of the properties have been reviewed by seasoned travellers and it would probably give you a hint on what to expect. There are also other features on the website which I found pretty useful, such as the guides and info where you could obtain more information about the places that you’re visiting, and you could also check out some sample itineraries to aid you in your travel planning.

Well, if you from overseas [maybe France or Europe] and you’re planning a visit to Singapore, then you should check out Hostelworld <– link specifically for European guests!

In Summary:

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Hostelworld has a wide variety of functions that you can use to search for your choice hostels that cater specially to your budget and needs. In fact, you could also compare up to 5 different properties. If you’re not sure which hostels suit you, you could actually try the ones that Hostelworld recommends.

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Now, here’s the best part; the properties that are offered are rather affordable and they are extremely suitable for backpackers who are seeking for no-frills accommodations.

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So, if you’re planning a backpacking trip to other countries, you just might want to check out Hostelworld.

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