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I was privileged to have the honour of being invited by SPRG to an exclusive screening event for an upcoming big-budget [yes, really big] Korean action drama entitled, “HERO”.

From Hero Premiere 2012

Synopsis of HERO [extracted from the Press Kit released by Celestial Movies]:

In the near future, the Republic of South Korea is bankrupt. Mooyoung, a port city which dreamed of being Asia’s financial center, is heading towards demise. It’s a dark world where evil knows no bounds, and justice is obsolete. In the midst of the crisis, an unexpected hero emerges. Huk-Chul, the notorious bad boy son of the city’s mayor, is caught in the cross-fire of a police sting and is hit by a bullet meant for the beautiful detective Ih-Ohn. Huk-Chul falls into a coma and his father convinces the doctors to experiment with untested technology to revive him. When Huk-Chul wakes up, he discovers that he has superhuman powers and decides to use his new abilities to fight evil and corruption in the city. But little does he know, the source of all the corruption and crime is closer than he thinks…

About HERO:

HERO premieres exclusively on Celestial Movies on 3rd September and will air every day from Monday to Friday at 8pm, with an encore telecast at 10:45pm, on SingTel mio TV ch 52 and Starhub Cable TV Ch 868. Starhub Subscribers can also enjoy an exclusive HERO marathon featuring the first five episodes of the show for free, but it will only be made free on 9th September, 1pm-6pm. Celestial Movies [the channel] will be made free for viewing from 8th to 10th September.

Some Highlights About HERO:

This show will be the first Korean Superhero action series to be broadcasted in Singapore on our local cable channels; Starhub Cable TV and SingTel mio TV, and to celebrate the channel’s maiden foray into Korean content, Celestial Movies will be made free for viewing on Starhub from 8th – 10th September, where HERO will be featured in a five-episode marathon on 9th September. Also, HERO is premiered as the #1 programme in its timeslot among all cable channels in Korea in March 2012.

My take on HERO:

During the exclusive screening event, we were shown two episodes of the drama and I must admit, the drama was full of suspense, action, and also a little bit of humour. There were certain parts of the drama which I felt was quite cheesy but it was overall rather entertaining. In fact, after watching the 2nd episode, I was quite hooked for more. I can’t wait to catch the rest of the episodes [marathon-style] that will be screening on 9 September, Sunday, from 1 to 6pm! When I mentioned that the drama is a big-budget drama, it is really big budget because the first 2 episodes of HERO incurred a hefty sum of US$1 Million production budget! How many dramas do we know has such a big budget for its production? With HERO, the big budget nature of this production makes it feel more filmic than your typical Korean drama.

Here are some photos that were taken during the exclusive screening event at The Screening Room [Ann Siang Road].

From Hero Premiere 2012
From Hero Premiere 2012
From Hero Premiere 2012

Having some fun with the sporting models..

From Hero Premiere 2012
From Hero Premiere 2012

Who says bloggers can’t have fun at events like these?!

From Hero Premiere 2012

I have a personal confession to make though; close friends of mine would have known that in the past, I was not a fan of cable TV and even then, the only channels I used to watch were Cartoon Network and Discovery Channel. Today, things are pretty much different for me because my fiancee has cable TV at home and we will always spend some time to watch and enjoy Taiwanese and Korean dramas together. In fact, she was the one who got me hooked to all the rather entertaining channels that are available on Starhub Cable TV. So, if you’re a fan of Korean dramas [or if you’re a new convert like me] and you like action/thriller, you must catch this Korean drama that will start on 3 September [in 2 days time], Monday to Friday, at 8pm.


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