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before I continue with today’s blog entry about an amazing and awesome restaurant, Baby and I are really happy to announce that we have crossed the 32,000 mark [in terms of total viewership since our blog was launched in December 2011]. This would not have been possible if not for the support of all you readers and we really want to thank all of you for your constant support.

As we mentioned in our previous blog entry, the months of July and August are really a peak season for us and we have alot of activities and events that are going to take place. Here’s a lineup of events that we are going to participate in for the month of July.


Dinner with International Bloggers from Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Philippines

Far East Organisation’s Hotel Tour

Singapore Blog Awards Ceremony @ Singapore Flyer

Brave [Movie] Gala Premiere (TBC)

Food Tasting at Irvin’s Live Seafood House

Hence, we really seek your understanding if you haven’t heard/seen much updates from us.

Moving on, we are going to introduce to you this restaurant known as Taang Shifu that is situated at KSL City, Johor Bahru [JB].

During our most recent trip to JB, Baby and I went to KSL City for some shopping and eating. As we wanted to have a wholesome and sumptuous dinner, we decided to check out Taang Shifu.

Taang Shifu is a Chinese restaurant that serves wholesome food. From the name itself, one might probably mistaken it as a Chinese restaurant that only serves soup. However, besides nourishing soups, they too offer a wide variety of food choices that will definitely whet up your appetite.

From Taang Shifu Restaurant @ JB 2012

Looking at the menu, they have a wide variety of food choices for you to choose from and not only that, the menu also describes how the food will provide you with health benefits.

From Taang Shifu Restaurant @ JB 2012

Guava with Orange Peel is served as the appetiser and I must admit, I love the appetiser so much that I finished up the entire serving.

From Taang Shifu Restaurant @ JB 2012

Wanting to reminisce the time we had at Taiwan, we ordered Tea Leaves Eggs and seriously, the portion was slightly alot for 2 persons. The eggs were very flavourful and cooked to the right texture.

From Taang Shifu Restaurant @ JB 2012

Rice served with Mushroom, Scallop, and Broth. [This was my main course and the quality of this dish far exceeded my expectations. The broth was flavouful and nutritious and it complemented the rice very well. Combined with the taste of the scallops and mushrooms, this is a perfect dish for seafood lovers.]

From Taang Shifu Restaurant @ JB 2012

Mee Sua served with Abalone, Mushrooms, Broccoli, and Dried Scallops. [Baby loved this dish so much that she finished the entire serving; leaving only a mouthful for me to sample! The texture of the mee sua was firm and not soggy and the ingredients used were simply delicious.]

From Taang Shifu Restaurant @ JB 2012

Soup is a must for almost all of our meals. So, we ordered this really nutritious sea cucumber and dried scallop broth which was so good that we will strongly recommend it to anyone whom is thinking of dining at Taang Shifu.

From Taang Shifu Restaurant @ JB 2012

So much for all the food. But wait, here’s the best part. Check out the beverages and desserts we had!

Longan Tea [Left] and Winter Melon with Water Chestnut[Right]. The drinks were of high quality and tasted fantastic. The drinks are freshly made and that is what makes it really healthy.

From Taang Shifu Restaurant @ JB 2012

Premium Bird’s Nest. [Well Baby had this dessert all by her own because I don’t fancy Bird’s Nest. The best part was, it was going for 1 for 1! So Baby had two portions of Birds’ Nest for the price of 1!]

From Taang Shifu Restaurant @ JB 2012

For myself, I had the Guiling Gao with Pearl Powder. It is said to be good for skin complexion and I enjoyed the dessert alot. However, the sandy texture of the pearl powder didn’t quite appeal to my taste buds.

From Taang Shifu Restaurant @ JB 2012


The food served at Taang Shifu is no doubt of the highest quality and they are extremely palatable. Not only that, the food are wholesome, nutritious, healthy, and most importantly, tasty! We will strongly recommend this restaurant to everyone whom are planning a trip down to KSL City. In fact, we are planning to bring our family members down to try this restaurant because they will definitely enjoy the food there [Cantonese people love soups and food that are served with great tasting sauces]. Oh, and the best part was, the total bill was not very expensive. While I shan’t reveal how much the total bill was, I will leave it to you readers to find that out for yourself [you will definitely be surprised].

And before I end off, the service standards there were flawless because the service staffs were prompt, efficient, and polite. We found the service staffs to be very attentive and service-oriented as they would go the extra mile to delight guests. The restaurant ambience was grand, warm, and lively too. It’s a pity that Singapore does not have a restaurant like this. Maybe Taang Shifu might consider expanding and opening up an outlet here in Singapore. =P

So, do check out Taang Shifu if you are planning a trip to KSL City!

Stay tuned to more updates from us!

God bless!


Melvin is an Entrepreneur, Life Coach, and Chinese Metaphysics Practitioner. He holds an EMBA and he is a passionate and engaging teacher, known for his unique combination of science, research, and spirituality.


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  2. […] Here’s the link to our review of Taang Shifu that we previously wrote about: https://awinsomelife.org/2012/07/17/taang-shifu-ksl-city/ […]

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