Hello Everyone,
please pardon me for not blogging for the last few days as I am really caught up with work and assignments. In fact, I am currently embarking on my 10,000 words dissertation and it really isn’t easy considering the fact that I have to read numerous journals, articles, and reports! Hence, I seek your understanding if you haven’t seen [or hear] much updates from me.

Ok, so… this piece of news is just too good to be shared but I shall just share it anyway in case any of you haven’t heard about it yet [I hear some of you going “chey!” because you probably would have found out about it anyhow].

Scoot has recently launched an amazing and awesome flight deal to Taipei, Taiwan and flights were going at $88! Yes, it was too good to be true when I first heard of the news but really, it was just fantastic and it came at a right time as Baby and I are planning a trip to Taiwan again. Their inaugural flight would be taking place on the 18th of September and almost everyone is excited about it!

To celebrate the occasion [that is, Scoot‘s first flight to Taipei], Scoot is giving everyone [those who like their Facebook Page] a chance to win FREE ScootBiz tickets on their first flight to Taipei. If that isn’t enough, one lucky fan will get to fly on Scoot for FREE FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR [terms and conditions apply] At the moment, Scoot is only giving out 2 pairs of return ScootBiz tickets on their first flight to Taiwan because they currently only have 101,722 fans. So, to increase the likelihood of Scoot giving out more free ScootBiz tickets, do spread the word around about Scoot‘s latest promotion and get people to like their Facebook Page! But we got to hurry though, the dateline to hit the target of 188,888 fans falls on 13 July 2012 [that’s in 3 days time!]

Anyway, in case you are wondering whether Baby and I managed to secure our flight to Taipei at a good rate, yes we did! We bought a one-way ticket to Taipei for only $226 [yes, for two persons inclusive of 15KG check-in baggage, choosing of seats, airport taxes and etc.] As we missed out on the awesome deal for the return flight tickets, we are staying tune to Scoot‘s network-wide sales that will be taking place tomorrow [11 July 2012] at 0900 hours so that we can clinch a great deal for our return ticket to Singapore!

Honestly, we are really thankful that Scoot is launching this promotion because it has really helped us to save alot so that we could spend more in Taiwan! Our upcoming trip would be a rather exciting one because we would be travelling to the Southern part of Taiwan [via the Taiwan High Speed Rail] and then head back up to Taipei for some shopping and food galore. Once I am done with my studies in August, I would be planning the itinerary together with Baby and who knows, you might be able to get a snippet of the places that we will be travelling to, once everything is confirmed and finalised.

So stay tuned to more updates from us!

God bless!


Melvin is an Entrepreneur, Life Coach, and Chinese Metaphysics Practitioner. He holds an EMBA and he is a passionate and engaging teacher, known for his unique combination of science, research, and spirituality.

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