Hello Everyone,
as you all would have known by now, I have gotten a Canon Powershot S100 as a birthday gift from Baby and Mum this year. Hence, from now onwards, I will be sharing with you my photography journey with the Canon Powershot S100 and please do not be mistaken, I am no professional photographer. So, please feel free to leave your comments about the photographs that I have taken so that I can improve myself.

Personally, my photo composition skills are lousy and I am literally a noob at photography. Nonetheless, everytime you see a blog entry that has a title beginning with “My Photography Journey“; it means that the blog entry contains the interesting photographs that I have taken during the day.

So for this virgin blog entry on photography, here are the photos that I have taken today.

The photos were taken right from my bedroom and in case you guys are wondering where on earth I am staying right now, you could very much have guessed where I am putting up from the photographs that i have taken. Enjoy~!

My place has BBQ Facilities, Swimming Pool, Function Room, Basketball Court, and Gym Room!

From Shots from Home

Everyday, I wake up to this beautiful view of the neighbourhood surroundings.

From Shots from Home

A photo of the neighbourhood surroundings from my bedroom just before it rained.

From Shots from Home

A day shot of the neighbourhood surroundings and Bishan Park.

From Shots from Home

A night shot of the neighbourhood surroundings and Bishan Park. and yes, this is the view I get to see every night before I sleep!

From Shots from Home

Hope you guys enjoyed this virgin blog entry on my photography journey.

Stay tuned for more updates from us!

God bless!


Melvin is an experienced Outdoor Educator and a Multi-Sports and Leadership with more than 8 years of experience. A believer of lifelong learning, he is currently pursuing an EMBA and is also training to become a full-stack web developer. During his free time, Melvin enjoys a healthy dose of reading, travelling, writing, and boating.

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