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here’s part 2 of my personal NS experience. But before that, I have some readers asking me if my field camp experience was for real and so, here you go [no elaborations needed]:

From Personal NS Experience

And eh, if you look carefully at the background, you would have noticed a group of recruits whose uniforms are quite green. There are two reasons for that! Either they have changed to a new pair of uniform, or the rain have probably washed off all the mud. In fact, this photo was taken on the day we were presented with the letters specially written by our parents and loved ones.

How fit was I? Quite fit.. but now? I’m quite fat instead.

From Personal NS Experience

Here’s a formal group photo taken with my BMT platoon

From Personal NS Experience

And here’s a slightly less formal group photo taken with my entire BMT company, Whiskey Coy!

From Personal NS Experience

The most memorable day in BMT was when I officially became a trained soldier!

From Personal NS Experience

Alright, so much for BMT. If you’re wondering where to find my blog entry about my BMT Experience, you can click the following: https://awinsomelife.org/2012/04/23/my-personal-ns-experience-2010-till-now-part-1-bmt/

So… now… time for part 2 of my NS Experience.

After BMT, I received my posting order and was posted to Officer Cadet School (OCS) as an Army Officer Cadet for the 82/11 Officer Cadet Course (OCC). On the first day of reporting, I was given a sticker that says H3 and was promptly ushered to the Warriors Hall. Well, I didn’t really thought much about what H3 stands for and I went on to look for familiar faces. Then, I chanced upon an old friend of mine [Rui Xiong] and I saw that he had a sticker that read H2! So, I curiously asked him what H3 meant and to my dismay, I found out that H stands for Hotel Wing and 3 stands for platoon 3. For those whom haven’t heard about Hotel Wing, Hotel is infamous for its turnout and 1000 sit-ups challenge!

Hotel Wing’s 1000 Sit-Ups Challenge [Photo from Singapore Book of Records]

When the Senior Officer Cadets marched us to the SAFTI Parade Square, the commanders from Hotel Wing took over. And for the very 1st time, fear griped me as I saw the many commanders of Hotel Wing whom donned on red and khaki berets. In my mind was this, “Darn, OCS is going to be tough as hell!” and boy, was this so true! My Section Instructor is a Guards Officer, my Platoon Commander is a Guards Officer, my Platoon Warrant is a Guards Specialist, my Wing Sergeant Major is a Ranger/Commando Warrant Officer, and my Wing Commander (WG COM) is a Ranger/Commando Officer! [Multi-Kill indeed!].. even my Wing Quarter-Master is a Guards Specialist!

And to make things worst, my WG COM gave us quite a “welcome”! 100+ push-ups within the first few hours of reporting to OCS! Truth be told, within the first 24 hours, everyone’s morale was so down that most of us told our commanders that we desired to be posted to Specialists’ Cadet School (SCS) instead.

But was everything that bad? NO! To be honest, to be able to train at Hotel Wing is indeed a privilege and an honour. Because of the scary first impressions we had on the 1st day of reporting to OCS, most of us pretty much had our toes in line and dared not fool around excessively. Regimentation at OCS was heavily emphasized and any foolish mistakes [such as forgetting to put on the OCT rank] would cost 40 push-ups without any questions asked. Outfield trainings were very common and the duration can be quite long and tiring. Physical fitness was extremely important and anything less than Gold meant Remedial Trainings (RT) over the weekends.

As you can see, training in OCS is tough and it is also physically and mentally demanding. While training can be tough, it can be quite fruitful as well. I remembered there was once our WG COM asked us to describe what the letter ‘H’ stands for and I wrote these, H stands for homework, honour, heart, home. In essence, these 4 things encompasses what Hotel Wing was to me. When I was in Hotel Wing, we had tons of homework! [Officer Cadets whom have RT have much lesser time to do their homework and I am one of those whom always struggle with this. =P] Because of the tough training, I considered it an honour to be training in a premier Army wing like Hotel. While Hotel Wing was a tough training ground, every commanders had a heart for their men. We often engaged in dialogue sessions with our WG COM and it was always an inspirational time as he shared with us the thoughts and feelings that were in his heart. And last but not the least, Hotel Wing was a home to me. Training together with my fellow platoon mates and living together under one roof sharing common facilities every single day, I considered Hotel Wing to be my second home.

Well, unfortunately, I did not commission as an Officer. I injured myself during an exercise at Pulau Tekong and wasn’t able to recover in time. In fact, I was very much in pain but yet continued to go for as much trainings and lessons as I could. After the completion of a long arduous 24KM route march that marked the end of Service Term , I was placed out of course as my wrist ligament was unstable and I had to go for a surgical ligament reconstruction. Despite the fact that I didn’t complete the OCC due to my injury, I was nonetheless proud of myself for having pulled through the entire service term. Not only that, I participated in the 1000 sit-ups challenge and completed the challenge!

Truth be told here. I’m really glad and thankful for the training that I have had at Hotel Wing before being put Out of Course. Because of Hotel Wing, I have learnt values that no other place on earth could teach. Because of Hotel Wing, I can lift my head up high knowing that the tough training I have undergone separates me from being just an ordinary soldier. And because of Hotel Wing, I had the privilege and honour to learn and absorb lifeskills and essential military skills from the many experienced commanders.

Photos taken during the family day after our confinement!

From Personal NS Experience

This was the first time Baby met my family and we were about 1 month plus into our relationship!

From Personal NS Experience

In case you are wondering what the main emphasis of this blog entry is all about, I would just want to share with you that NS training is tough and there are risks and dangers present during training. Even when every single safety measures and precautions are put in placed, there will sometimes be circumstances that the unavoidable happens. Even for myself personally, despite knowing that I was injured during an exercise, I voluntarily continued training which I felt that I could manage because I didn’t want to give up so easily. We call this the, “Fighting Spirit!” and no, we’re not crazy. It’s just that we want to challenge ourselves and do the best that we can to train well. It is only when we train well during peacetime that we bleed less during war time.

My last few photos taken during my time in OCS Hotel Wing before being put Out of Course. These were taken during the Social Night.

From Personal NS Experience

With my Bunk Mate and Buddy, Wei Da [he’s one nice and helpful chap throughout!]

From Personal NS Experience

With my Platoon Commander, CPT Twohill.

From Personal NS Experience

With Baby, 3 months into our relationship and still going strong!

From Personal NS Experience

In the final part of my personal NS experience, I will be sharing with you about how my journey has been ever since I was put Out of Course from the 82/11 OCC.

Stay tuned for more updates from us.

God bless!


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