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I’m sure many of you would be excited about the upcoming movie, Marvel’s The Avengers, which would be out in the cinemas on 1 May 2012 [a.k.a Labour Day]! There have been tremendous publicity and promotions with regards to Marvel’s The Avengers and I believe it would be one of the greatest blockbusters this year! Personally, Baby and I have been extremely excited about Marvel’s The Avengers when we caught the surprise trailer after the Captain America movie which was released last year.

Of all the Avengers, my most favourite Avenger would no doubt be Iron Man because he is highly skilled in weapons that could cause immense damage to his foes and not only that, he is a tech geek that invents and customises his own suit and weapons. Because of Iron Man’s profound intelligence, it is no surprise that he (a.k.a Tony Stark] inherited the Stark Industries from his father.

Marvel’s The Avengers Trailer:

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