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Baby and I have booked our flat today and we are really excited about our upcoming flat that would be ready by the year 2016. Anyway,our new flat is going to be situated in Punggol and we have heard of many friends of ours whom have booked the same area too. So, looks like we would be seeing many common faces around the neighbourhood when we move in.

Why We Chose Punggol?

Well, we have heard alot of people lamenting that Punggol is really far away from Town and is rather inaccessible. Moreover, Punggol is an under-developed estate and there aren’t much amenities around as compared to mature estates like Toa Payoh, Ang Mo Kio, and Serangoon. So much for the negativity but truth be told, we chose Punggol because we liked the surroundings. The place is rather scenic, peaceful, and would most likely become the next Pasir Ris/East Coast Park. In fact, we felt that there are quite a lot of business opportunities in Punggol and Punggol might be the next hottest place where people can relax and chill.

Here’s Our Future Flat [Artist Impression]

From Our Punggol BTO

Debunking the Myths That Most People Have…

1). Punggol don’t have educational institutions

From Our Punggol BTO

2). Punggol don’t have amenities/shops for groceries shopping

From Our Punggol BTO

Anyway, for those of you who have applied for BTO and are wondering what are your chances of securing a unit of your choice, this is a tip that you might want to consider. Credits goes to my Baby because she was the one whom found out about this.

a). Look at the number of units available and the number of units offered. Note that the number of units offered is fixed [as determined by HDB]! If your queue number is more than the number of units offered, it means that you will have an extremely slim chance of choosing a unit of your choice. If your queue number is less than the number of units offered, congratulations!, you will have a higher chance of obtaining a unit of your choice.

b). What if your queue number is quite high but less than the number of units offered? Well, in our case, our queue number was 199 and the number of units offered was 216! If you take 216-199, you will get 17. So, this means that out of 216 units available, we only have 17 units to choose from [assuming all the applicants before us selected their flats]. However, we know that this is not possible because eventually, there will be people whom will give up the selection of flats for numerous reasons. So, to determine your chances of obtaining a flat of your choice, look at your date of selection and the present date.

For example, if today is 10 April and your date of selection is 15 April, that would give you a total of 6 days. Take 6 days * 5 [the number of applicants selecting their flat per day] = 30 applicants [whom are selecting flats till the day of your flat selection.] Take the number of units available for example, 80, and minus 30 from it, you would get 50. This 50 is the number of units that are available for you to choose. I’m not sure if it is a standard that HDB sees 5 applicants for every flat selections but from our countless experiences in applying for BTO, it has been like this so far. So, you can try using this method to gauge if you would be able to select the unit of your choice on your selection date.

From Our Punggol BTO

Well, we are really excited about our new flat and we can’t wait for the year 2016 to come! We hope that this blog entry would also have helped you in your BTO selection!

Stay tuned for more updates from us!

God Bless!


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