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I have been taking note of the Sengkang Bus Accident and it was released on Yahoo! News that SBS is going to pay the funeral expenses of the deceased victim. For the full news report, you can check it out here <–

Now, many people who have read my blog entry yesterday enquired if I managed to “download” or “captured” the video that was posted on Youtube but I have to apologise that I do not have the video. I personally have watched the video on Youtube before it was taken down and I must say that the video was very disturbing. I do not know the reason why it was taken down but here are a few reasons why it was taken down:

1). The video was too disturbing and disgusting that the person who put it up decided to take it down for the sake of other viewers.

2). SBS Transit might have traced the person who put up the video, request him/her to take it down, and offer some form of “bonus”.

3). The video could be bogus.

Please note that the above reasons are just assumptions and I do not have any credible sources to back the reasons.

Since the video has been taken down, there is no way I can actually share the video but to describe as fully as I can to you readers what it was all about.

The video began by showing a lady attempting to cross from one side of the road to another via the pedestrian crossing. The traffic light was showing a blinking green man which indicated that it might change to red anytime soon. While she was about halfway at the pedestrian crossing, the SBS bus made a quick right turn and knocked down the woman. After a few seconds later, a red car happen to pass by, blocked the scene, and the video ended there.

Even now, I still have lots of questions in my head after watching the video.

a). Is the video source reliable/credible?
b). Why was it that when the woman was knocked down by the bus that a red car past by, blocked the scene, and the video ends? Isn’t this just too coincidental?
c). Why did the person who uploaded the video take it down? Was the video a “set-up”?

But well, whether or not the video is credible, the fact that the accident victim died from the accident remains. As reported on Yahoo! News, “SBS Transit had asked Kenix Lau, 33, the younger daughter of the deceased, to submit a proposal to their management.” This is really dumb. Who would be in the right mood to submit a proposal in this trying time? Which is more important? Submitting the proposal or finding time and space to recover from the grief of losing a loved one? If only the bus driver had been more attentive and careful, all these wouldn’t even have happened!

Yahoo! News also reported that the lady “was just 350m away from her daughter’s flat in Block 232 when she was hit by a SBS bus 159, which was making a right turn at the junction.” I really want all of you readers to put yourself in the shoes of the family members. Imagine, what if the accident victim is your loved one (father/mother/brother/sister/daughter/son) whom was 350m away from reaching home? [350m is 3/4 of the running track around the Stadium] How would you react and what legal action would you take against SBS Transit?

Well, I guess this would perhaps be my final blog entry on this topic. I really do hope that justice is served and that these kind of road accidents would not occur so frequently in future. God bless the deceased victim and the family.

Stay tuned for more updates from us.

God bless!


Melvin is an Entrepreneur, Life Coach, and Chinese Metaphysics Practitioner. He holds an EMBA and he is a passionate and engaging teacher, known for his unique combination of science, research, and spirituality.

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