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Baby and I recently dined at the Hot Tomato Cafe and Grill which is situated at Serangoon NeX Shopping Mall and here’s our review:

What We Ordered:

Baby ordered the Dory Fish Set Meal and I ordered the Roasted Chicken Set Meal. And by the way, each set meal comes with a bowl of Mushroom Soup and a glass of lemon tea.

Quality of Food:

In terms of portion size, both our set meals were just right. The mushroom soup was served piping hot and it was flavourful, just the way I like the temperature of soups to be. The lemon tea was usual, nothing out of the ordinary. For just the mushroom soup and lemon tea, it cost us $3.50

From Hot Grill Tomato
From Hot Grill Tomato

The dory fish was served with salad by the side and spaghetti aglio olio as starch. Well, the tartar sauce was tangy in taste and the spaghetti aglio olio was cooked al-dente [meaning firm to the bite]. The dory fish was cooked just right but nothing extraordinary to mention here.

From Hot Grill Tomato

As for the roasted chicken, I was pretty disappointed because the chicken tasted really plain and the meat was quite soggy. In fact, I requested for more brown sauce just so that I can eat the roasted chicken with ease. But to be honest, even the brown sauce wasn’t that fantastic as it lacks flavour and is way too starchy to the point that it coagulates easily. All isn’t that bad though, I liked the salad for its tangy taste.

From Hot Grill Tomato

The Service Experience:

I must say, the service rendered by the service staffs were outstanding. The service staffs were really prompt in serving us and were also very courteous.

Our Overall Dining Experience:

Seriously, I think this would perhaps be our first and last dining experience at Hot Tomato Cafe and Grill. Even though the service was fantastic, the quality of the food was simply below expectations. In total, we spend $29.20 for a dinner like this and we felt that it was way too pricey especially when the quality of the food does not match up to its value. So, we would probably not recommend Hot Tomato Cafe and Grill.

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God bless!


Melvin is an Entrepreneur, Life Coach, and Chinese Metaphysics Practitioner. He holds an EMBA and he is a passionate and engaging teacher, known for his unique combination of science, research, and spirituality.

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